Writing Troubles? Hire A Freelancer, They Make You Money !
Writing Troubles? Hire A Freelancer, They Make You Money !

Writing Troubles? Hire A Freelancer, They Make You Money !

How I took my blog to the top with my decision to hire a freelancer.

When your readers view your article, you don’t want to disappoint them with cruddy content and lame over-the-top advertising. That’s like going to a restaurant for their steak and finding out that chicken is the only thing on the menu.

It’s important to make sure that your blog posts deliver something of value to your readers every time.

• If you say that you can help, help
• If you say that you’re offering information, offer information
• If you say that you have the secret, deliver the secret

There is a lot of competition within your niche, but there’s even more competition within the brains of your readers. You’re given maybe a few seconds of your reader’s attention before they’ve surfed their way to the next website. Developing compelling writing is essential, both in headlines and in the body.

As you’ve been learning how to treat your blog like a business, you might find that there are skills which you need to develop to become successful.

But what if you have trouble getting the ideas you have from your brain to your keyboard? What if you want to make money now and not later? Not everyone is suited to communicating via the written word, nor has the time to hone their writing chops early on. Does that put successful business blogging out of your reach?

Sure, everybody writes. Everybody writes just like everybody cooks. Just like any other skill, there’s an ability curve there, and, frankly, a lot of us are stuck on the ‘needs improvement’ end. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem.

Hire a freelancer to do your writing.

I cover this a little more in Chapter 12 of The Profit Blogging Blueprint, but the ultimate key to your profits and scalability is found in hiring other people to the work to make your blog shine. When you develop a blogging business, YOUR role in it is like the CEO in any business: to design, devise, and decide the money-making strategies of the business.

How do you deliver what you say you’ll deliver? Hire a clear communicator for your team.

I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve hired over the past seven years. I’ve hired everything from designers to writers to accountants and lawyers. I’ve talked with people in my one-on-one consulting sessions about their hiring practices and there’s one HUGE mistake they make with their hires.

It’s an investment, not a cost.

Too many new blogging business owners hire a freelancer on the basis of cost, without thinking of the results that they will receive. This is where the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true: if you hire bargain basement writers, you’ll get bargain basement product. Do you want that kind of junk on your website?

Does crappy work help you with the goal of developing authority and clearly communicating YOUR value to your readers?

Purchase the highest quality that you can afford

If you’ve been following my proven money making blogging blueprint, you know that you are treating your blog like a business. That business, like a traditional brick and mortar business, has expenses.

YES, you can set up your blogging business for free, but with just a little more investment you can double, triple, even quadruple the money making power of your blog.

Take a few moments to think about how hiring a freelancer can free your time up for the better things (and the higher value things) in life and in your business. Once you get yourself out of the idea that you have to do everything alone, blogging for profit becomes far easier.

Your Turn

What do you think that my next article should be about? What questions would you like to see answered?


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Great post, as usual.Not only can this help a blog get better content, but if the admin works closely with the freelancer he/she can also gain valuable knowledge on how to create future posts that are just as good.

  2. can u give me any topic,i will write,or i want write,help me,

  3. not a bad idea

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