How To Write A Great Press Release

How To Write A Great Press Release

How To Write A Press Release

Creating a press release can be an excellent way of branding your name, getting information out to the public, and more. Writing press releases can also be an excellent way of making additional money since editors will often pay a fair amount for a newsworthy piece. However, to be truly successful, you have to know how to write a great online press release.

The Best Place To Distribute Your Press Releases

The Basics

1. Create a header.

If you are distributing an online press release, you should include a header containing the line: For Immediate Release.

2. Create a powerful headline.

When writing for PR distribution websites, it is crucial for you to write powerful headlines to attract the attention of editors. Because many PR distribution websites offer little more than a headline, it is important for yours to stand out to encourage editors to read the rest of your work.

When creating powerful headlines, you need to:

• Use bold
• Avoid using all CAPS
• Capture attention
• Make sure that your piece is newsworthy
• Ensure that the title fits in the space available on the target distribution website

3. Write the body.

When you write the body, you must write and think like a reporter. It is also important that you write using AP (Associated Press) Style (the standard in news writing). Additionally, you should remember that the more newsworthy your piece is for a particular market, the better your chances are for having it picked up by an editor.

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When writing the body, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Provide the dateline. A press release must include the original date, city, and state/country in which the piece was produced. However, the dateline is sometimes omitted if it may cause confusion for the readers.

2. Write the lead sentence. The first sentence should capture the reader and clearly state what is happening.

3. Keep your writing simple. When writing your online piece, it is crucial to avoid flowery language, jargon, very long paragraphs and sentences, and repetition. You should also tell your story in as few words as possible.

4. Sum up the press release within the first 2 to 3 sentences. If you fail to capture the readers’ attention within the first paragraph, editors will likely overlook the piece as well.

5. Clearly define the “5Ws” and the H. As you write the piece, you need to provide concrete facts to your readers. To help make the process easier, you just need to remember the following:

* Who is the press release about?
* What is the news?
* When is the event happening?
* Where is the event happening?
* Why is the event news?
* How is the event happening?

4. Include information about the company.

When writing a press release for a company, you must include the appropriate information in an “About” section. Within the section, you need to describe the company, as well as its business policy and core business, using a couple of sentences. This section is often referred to as a “boilerplate.”

5. Provide contact information.

With your online press release, you must include contact information for the company (as well as your own, if necessary). In most cases, the media/PR department contact information should be used unless you want other key figures to be contacted instead.

The information that must be provided include:

• The company’s name
• The contact’s name
• Office address
• Website address
• Email addresses
• Telephone and fax numbers

6. Announce the end of the piece using the journalistic standard. The journalistic standard requires the use of 3 hash (#) symbols to indicate the end of your piece.

7. Use SEO Optimization.

When putting together an online press release, you need to make it just as SEO-friendly as any blog post on your website. By ensuring that your work is easy to find when using search engines, you will put yourself in a better position to be noticed by editors and readers alike. That is why it is important to use keywords in the descriptions, tags, and headlines, although you must always be careful not to over optimize.

Additional Tips

• Hire a professional to do the job
• Write the online press release in third person
• Avoid turning the piece into an advertisement for products and/or services
• Link to specific blog posts instead of your website to help increase traffic to your own blog when your work is picked up by editors
• Keep your piece within 1 to 2 pages in length
• Include a link to an online copy of the same piece
• Include a quote from the company or an expert
• Provide links supporting your work (if applicable)

Knowing how to write a great online press release is a skill that can lead to a generous income. Just remember to always follow the necessary journalistic guidelines and get your work out there for editors to see.

The Best Place To Distribute Your Press Releases

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