How To Write Addictive Blog Content

How To Write Addictive Blog Content

You may have heard in the news that the creator of the game Flappy Bird pulled his game off the market even though he was making $50,000 a day in advertiser revenue. While the reasons for why he did so are mysterious, it made me curious.

The game is laughably simple, but horribly addictive for many people. There are even phones with the app now being sold on eBay!

The creator of the game had accidentally tapped into a source of addictive fun for many people. The urge just to make it past one more pipe was overwhelming. Flappy Bird was a simple piece of content that people wanted to go to again and again. Does this sound familiar?

It should. Addictive content is one of the keys to blogging success. You might have heard of something called “pillar content”. It’s the same thing.
What makes content compelling?

Pillar content are the main content pieces in your blog. They are deep pieces, full of content, that define what you’re offering to your audience. My FREE insider blogging secrets videos are a form of pillar content. It’s a free course that I want people to visit. Why is this? Two reasons:

1. It’s a way for me to help businesses from falling into some very early mistakes when starting their own business blogs.

2. I know my audience and what they are interested in. I craft content in response to this.

Do you have a blog that you can’t get enough of? You know, that blog that has a couple hundred posts and you’ve read every single one of them? How about the blog that is so useful that it’s hard to ignore because they always seem to ask the right questions at the right time?

For me, it’s not the graphics. It’s not the little widgets on the side. It’s not about the products that they sell. It’s about information. It’s about how well they speak to me, the reader. It’s about how that content develops over time in further articles.


Some blogs try to fit everyone. One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in blogging is that you can’t be everything to everyone. It’s impossible to do it well. Attempting to set it up so that you’re all things to all people is a recipe for failure. Be the right thing for a few people, and you’re more likely to win.

This is where personality comes in. Personality is why there can be dozens of blogs in the same niche offering up much of the same information and all of them are making money. With a market as large as the world, there’s plenty of room for all.

My favorite blogs have personality. While I might vigorously disagree with what the bloggers are saying, I still read them and respect them because they’re able to get an opinion out of me. Believe me, I remember their names and I regularly go back to them. They have the same thing that Sesame Street has.

How do my favorite bloggers keep their personality? Usually, the best solution for this is to write honestly. After all, if you’re completely up front and honest with your readers, you don’t have to worry about which persona that you’re writing with. It’s all you.

Crafting compelling content isn’t just about having a LOT of content, devising great headlines, or having a personality, it’s about the interplay between these three factors and several other intangibles.

After you watch my free insider secrets video series, you will be much better prepared to make a blog that people are anxious for.

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite blogs? Tell me about the blogs in your niche that keep you coming back for more.


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