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How to Use the WOW Factor to Gain Authority

How to Use the WOW Factor to Gain Authority

In such a crowded online space I frequently get asked how someone can stand apart, be noticed and in turn increase their online branding and authority with their followers.

There are 3 magic words everyone looking to make money online blogging needs to know to stand out from the crowded online space.

The WOW factor.

Stopping people in their tracks and giving them a reason to respect you.

When one WOW is nice, many WOWs are awesome. The more you can get your audience to have the WOW factor over and over and over, the more authority you will have.

When you get people to say WOW it gets people to recognize you and you become an authority voice.

In fact, one of the reasons many people fail to make money blogging is because they are lacking the WOW factor. We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons people fail at making money blogging.

With so much of the internet being generic information there is plenty of room to differentiate yourself with original unique content.

To start, you have to do your research. Understand what type of information your audience is looking for. This is very different than just thinking you know what your audience wants.

Find out what they need to know and don’t be afraid to ask about what types of information they ACTUALLY want.

Second, you need to find out what information is already out here.

What has been published and what holes exist in that that you can fill. Your report shouldn’t be identical to those. As before, it should give your readers something new.

So to get the WOW factor and stand out from the crowded online space, you should use 3 methods.

  • Empathy: I’ve talked about this before to build trust with your followers online and it works similarly here. Identify the pain points and identity what your audience is feeling on the inside. Describe exactly how that feeling is so they know you feel their pain. Frustration, or helplessness, will create a WOW factor. Showing them that you know exactly how they feel will build trust and authority.
  • Information: Give your audience facts that they need to know. Statistics and data figures that are relevant to them are always a good idea and make great content. Do some research here and find the information that your audience can use to educate themselves. Giving them pieces of information as “water cooler” talk is something all people will thank you for and return to your blog to get more of.
  • Solutions: This may seem like a no-brainier but it can frequently be overlooked. Providing solutions that are different attract people’s attention. Skirting around a solution or just bombarding people with information that is not actionable or feasible for them is everywhere on the internet and does not make your blog more attractive or profitable.

Now that we have identified the 3 methods of getting the WOW factor, we need to identify the 6 different types of WOWs.

The first is the big WOW. A WOW that has a profound impact on your readers. This WOW should stop readers in their tracks and have them really think about what they just read. Stepping back and re-reading it to really take it in is the idea with this WOW.

The second wow is an unexpected WOW. This is the head scratcher WOW that makes them realize they did not know something and now they do. This WOW educates your reader and makes them a smarter.

The third type of WOW is a memorable WOW. This is the type of WOW that someone will retain, recite and will then act on it. A profound statement or quote are good examples of this type of WOW.

The fourth WOW is a positive WOW. You want this to be uplifting with a positive experience. This is where you share our own story. Go through where we started, where you came from and what you have achieved achieve. Use positive progressions here to lift your readers up and motivate them to follow in your successful footsteps.

The fifth WOW is the extra WOW. This is demonstrating to your audience that you are going above and beyond what is expected. If your industry is offering a 30 day guarantee and you give a lifelong guarantee, you are being unexpected and will therefore WOW your audience. The not expected benefit WOW is the extra mile WOW.

The sixth WOW is the relevancy. The WOW must in some way be linked to whatever area or niche you have built your following in. Having a random WOW will not be effective at connecting with your audience and having them see you as an authority.

Growing your authority and increasing your influence power with your followers is a must for anyone looking to make money online blogging. As you make your content and begin to work these simple WOW factors into your strategy, you will see the tremendous difference in readership and their perception of you.

Your Turn:

What strategies have worked for you to break away from the noise and make your online voice the one of authority?

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