Why You Need A Big Email List In Order To Make Big $$$ Online

Why You Need A Big Email List In Order To Make Big $$$ Online

Why It Is Important For You To Build An Email List ~

Online success takes more than one strategy. You need to learn how to generate traffic. After you do that, you need to monetize your site. Then you need to create a large audience base. The most important aspect of all of this is creating a large audience. To do this, you need to collect emails and build a large email list.

The big online gurus have lists of over a million subscribers. Gurus make the majority of their money online through their gigantic lists. They make money from their lists buy sending out their own products and offers to their subscribers. Their subscribers purchase because trust has already been established. Let us look at some calculations of a list this big. Imagine the guru sent out an offer that converted for $100.00. Now, if only 0.1% of the subscribers purchased the offer, the guru would make $100,000. You can see why it is imperative to build a monstrous email list.

The List Building Process

Online marketers build lists by creating landing pages and sending traffic to those pages. The landing page will consist of a free offer. The person exchanges his or her email address to receive the free product. Internet marketers use newsletters and eBooks for their free offers. There are extremely aggressive marketers who actually set up ten to twenty landing pages. They spread them around the Internet in order to build lists fast. It is an effective strategy, but it does require a lot of money.

School of Internet Marketing

Driving Traffic To A Landing Page

It can be tough to get a single landing page ranked on Google all by itself. You can try keywords that have low competition, but they will bring small volumes of traffic. The most effective way to send large amounts of targeted traffic to your landing page is through setting up lots of ads. Unfortunately, this method takes lots of cash. This is why so many experts do not recommend it. In the event that you can afford it, and you know how to do advertising online, using ads will help you grow a huge list really quickly.

4 Tips To Help You Create A Successful Email Opt In Campaign

Go For A Popular Niche

You need to build your list in a popular niche. You need to use a popular niche because it will have a lot of traffic. The niche does not have to be as large as the health niche, but it needs to have lots of reliable traffic. Targeting smaller niches does produce higher conversion rates, however, the traffic will trail off and it is hard to send the same offers to the same subscribers repeatedly.

Give Away Something Valuable

You need to give away something valuable so that you can establish trust and build your credibility. That is how you sell to your list later.

Create A Unique Landing Page

Your landing page needs to be unique and look different than the generic pages so many people recognize. People do not trust generic squeeze pages now because they have seen them a million times, and often, have been burnt by clicking through them. Make sure your page stands out.

Videos And Personal Images

You can include a video in your landing page to tell prospects what is special about your offer. To let people know that there is a real person behind the offer, include a picture of yourself.

No Extra Cash To Invest?

If you do not have extra cash to invest in ads, you can use a blog to build your list as well as your business. It will take longer, but in my opinion, it works better and leads to a stable business. When you put your landing page on your blog, use lots of anchor text and banner ads to direct your traffic to your offer. If you have WordPress you can put your offer in your widget section. This will make your offer appear on every page of your blog. You can visit my blog www.BloggingBusinessTips.com and see an example of my landing page by clicking on the eBook.

Using An Autoresponder

Autoresponders are software platforms that enable you to mail large amounts of people automatically. For your email campaigns, you can write a series of emails and schedule them in a sequence to go out to your subscribers.

I recommend using Aweber, Constant Contact, or Get Response for your autoresponder service. My personal preference is Get Response. The emails you send out have a higher rate of going to the subscriber inbox with Get Response than they do with the others. This is really important because you want your message to end up in as many inboxes as possible. Emails that go to the spam and junk folders are often unseen. Get Response also has plenty of tools you can use to make your emails look professional.

Treat Your List With Respect

You need to be respectful towards your list. Make sure everything you send them is of the highest quality. Do not send your list emails everyday. Your subscribers will get very annoyed and unsubscribe if you inundate their inbox with junk and crappy email. Email your list once a week. Send them plenty of great content and do not include offers in each email. When you do send them products, make sure you have faith in the products. People want to make money so they send out anything in hopes to make some fast money. You can turn your list into crap in a hurry if you only send your subscribers products so you can make quick money.

If you are seeking a long-term income online, you need to start building a list immediately. Using multiple landing pages is a great way to build your list quickly, just keep in mind that you need money to do it that way. Use a landing page that stands out. Include videos and excellent content in your landing page. If you are planning to go the blog route, create content that supports your offer and drive traffic to it through social media platforms and search engines. Always use a great offer to build your list and use a niche that is popular so that you will have plenty of traffic. Keep your subscribers in mind and treat them with respect.

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