Why Video And Podcasts Are Essential For On Online Marketing
Why Video And Podcasts Are Essential For An Online Marketing Campaign

Why Video And Podcasts Are Essential For An Online Marketing Campaign

Why Video And Podcasts Are Important

Because competition within the online marketing industry is fierce, you may find it hard to establish yourself and get the results you want. However, to help stand out of the crowd, it is important to embrace technology and use it to your advantage. With the popularity of audio and visual content rising, here are 4 important reasons why video and podcasts are essential for an online marketing campaign:

1. Audio and visual content help to build trust with the target audience.

To position ourselves as authority figures for particular niches, it is crucial to engage with the target audience to establish trust. By using podcasts and videos, the target audience has a chance to hear our voices or see our faces, and the visibility helps build a sense of trust. By combining videos and podcasts into all areas of the marketing campaign, our names, faces, and voices will become known to encourage the audience to come back for more.

2. Audio and visual content can help boost numbers.

According to eMarketer, there will be 37.6 million people downloading podcasts alone in 2013 compared to 17.4 million people in 2008. The trend for podcasts means that if Internet marketers have audio and visual content available to the target audience, more attention can be gained.

Despite the positive statistics, many Internet marketers still only rely on static websites or blogs to brand themselves. However, it is important to remember that while some of the target audience may benefit from written content, others do better with audio and visual content. By integrating both audio and visual content into a marketing plan, the numbers can be boosted.

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3.Audio and visual content is easy and relatively cheap to produce.

To create podcasts and videos, we just need to remember that the audience knows that Internet marketers are likely not professional actors. As long as valuable information is provided and the audience is engaged, audio and visual content can be used to help build brands.

To help record the content, here are some of the best editing software:


• Propaganda
• eProduct Producer
• WebPod Studio
• Audacity
• Hipcast


• CyberLink PowerDirector
• Corel VideoStudio Pro XS
• Adobe Premiere Elements
• MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
• Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite

4. Audio and video content can be used to refurbish old content to create something new and exciting.

Many marketers do not realize how much valuable content exists in content already published. To make old content interesting and relevant, a spin simply has to be put on it to turn it into podcasts and videos. As online marketers, we just have to ensure that we provide value and have something new and relevant to present to the target audience.

To become successful online marketers, it is a must that we familiarize ourselves with growing trends and learn not to be afraid of technology. By integrating videos and podcasts into an online marketing campaign, it will be easier to provide value to the target audience and have them come back for more. If you would like to learn more strategies on how to get more traffic and views to your YouTube video, click here.

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