Why Twitter Is Necessary To Succeed Online
Why Twitter Is Necessary To Succeed Online

Why Twitter Is Necessary To Succeed Online

How To Use Twitter ~

When building an online social media marketing campaign, it is important to become familiar with various platforms to best improve your chances of becoming successful. Just one of the many platforms you need as part of your campaign includes Twitter. To help convince you, here are 8 reasons why Twitter is necessary to succeed online:

1. The Platform Has A Wide Reach

With over 100 million active accounts, having an account for your social media marketing campaign is a must to succeed online. With 69% of followers suggested by friends, it is crucial to get followers that will help with the reach. Also, with a projected advertising revenue of $259 million in 2012, the effort of succeeding online with Twitter is well worth it.

2. It Can Be Used To Share Various Content

With the platform, marketers can share photos, infographics, videos, and audio clips. By sharing relevant and unique content, marketers are more likely to get a response from the audience. It is important to remember that posts made by your followers are also considered to be content, so the more responses and retweets you get, the better.

3. It Is Indexed Faster Than Any Other Social Media Platform

Google indexes links shared through Twitter faster than any other platform. Various marketers have done tests by posting the same links through multiple platforms and found that Google indexes the sites faster when posted on Twitter every time. In fact, URLs posted through the platform are often indexed within 24 hours.

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4.People Love Prompt Responses And The Platform Can Deliver

When dealing with your audience, it is crucial that you:

• Answer inquiries promptly
• Answer inquiries precisely
• Personalize inquiries

By engaging with your followers consistently, you build a sense of trust. If you are quick on your feet and answer within 5 minutes of a posting, you can stop harmful comments from potentially going viral. By being nurturing and consistent, you will also create loyal brand advocates. It is also important to know that about 80% of followers expect a response to an inquiry within a day or less.

5. It Can Be Used To Generate Leads

It is believed that 34% of marketers use Twitter to generated leads. To generate such leads, marketers use the platform’s advance search options to locate competitors, trending topics, and top influences relevant to their industry. By using the search options, it is easy to find a specific audience to target to make it easier to succeed online.

6. The Platform Can Be Used To Recruit People

For businesses looking to hire people for different projects, sending out a quick Tweet can prove to be beneficial. Because many other businesses and freelancers use Twitter, finding extra help when you need it is effortless (although you will still need to do the appropriate research to ensure you have the right fit).

7. It Is Excellent For Making New Friends

As a business tool, you can quickly make connections with other people inside and outside your industry. By expanding your own reach, you will be able to make valuable connections with people that can boost your business in unexpected ways. Plus you can also use the Twitter automated tool to follow people and get them to follow you back.

8. The Platform Offers Live Exposure

Because of its limited characters, marketers can easily use the platform to spark ongoing conversations. It can also be used to quickly take advantage of unexpected events, such as the blackout during the Super Bowl. Many companies were quick to take advantage of Twitter strategies and marketing platforms to promote their products and services in ways that instantly went viral.

If you plan to make a name for yourself, using Twitter is necessary to succeed online. You can also check out this really awesome Twitter tool called “Tweet Adder” which will automatically add followers to your Twitter account click here then click tutorial to watch a demo.

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