Using Paid Traffic to Build Up Your Online Business

Using Paid Traffic to Build Up Your Online Business

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When your website needs a boost, using paid traffic can help attract attention and make a profit. Although the methods require money to implement, they often have a much higher payout if used correctly. To give you an idea of the methods, here are 8 that you can use to build up your website:

1. Banner Ads

Banner advertising (often referred to as PPC or Cost-Per-Click) involves paying other websites to place your banners up to help generate traffic. You can often do this by negotiating with website owners or by using ad networks. However, you will need to test your ads to ensure that you do not waste any money on the campaign.

2. Image Ads

Image ads are used to promote brand awareness more than a particular product or service. Image ads can be created using the Google Display Network in the form of static or animated images. The ads are ideal for promoting brand awareness to people that are surfing the Internet and are only placed on content pages.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be used to reach millions of people. Depending on your budget and needs, you can design a campaign to display your website or products and services to target demographics. However, you will also have to keep in mind that users tend to use Facebook for socializing and not shopping, so you will often have to fight to get their attention.

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4.Video Advertising

Because people love watching videos online, one of the best ways to use paid traffic is to buy ad space in relevant videos. You can try negotiating with video publishers to place ads within their videos as in-video endorsements or preroll ads. However, if you cannot get the ads placed within the video, you can try to negotiate for your link to appear in the description or have text links or banners placed next to it.

5. Charity Donations

Non-profit websites are often reputable and hold authority with Google. When making donations, many non-profit websites will provide a link back to your website that others will easily see and may be more inclined to click through.

As a bonus, not only will you actually be getting traffic, but you will also help support a cause.

6. Expired Domains

Although it may not necessarily be the best method of getting paid traffic, you can purchase expired domains that already have traffic. If the expired domain fits in with your niche, you can build up that website or redirected the traffic to your own. However, because it is difficult to often find expired domains to perfectly fit your niche, you can instead build mini-sites on them. By doing so, you can make money by serving the niche an expired domain was originally intended for.

7. Social Media Sponsorship

If you want to get your website out there, you can pay people to post about your website or products and services on their social media accounts. There are even agencies that offer such services now to help fill the demand.

You can additionally do paid reviews or paid blog posts where you pay people to write about your website or products and services. However, this practice may be seen by Google as being the same as paid text links and your website may be penalized because of it.

8. Offline Media Buying

In order to succeed online, you have to put effort into running a successful offline marketing campaign as well. Whenever you can, it is helpful to use the following resources to place ads:

• Television
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Radio
• Direct mail

However, just remember to always choose wisely when deciding where to buy spots. For example, if you are buying a magazine ad space, you will need to choose a brand that is relevant to the niche your followers are interested in.

It is easy to see that there are many ways to use paid traffic to build up your website, and there are many more that have not even been listed. If you are determined and have a healthy budget to work with, you can utilize a combination of the above methods and more to help gain more traffic and generate profit. And if you would like a step by step blueprint on how to drive tons of traffic to your landing page and increase leads and sales click here.

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