How Guest Posting Can Help Your Online Business Grow
The Powers Of Guest Posting And How It Can Help Your Online Business

The Powers Of Guest Posting And How It Can Help Your Online Business

The Power Of Guest Posting

What most internet marketers have failed to comprehend in recent times is that guest posting is the ultimate tool for internet marketing. Its importance and the outreach cannot be stressed highly enough. Guest posts act as a gateway for writers wishing to achieve a greater visibility and higher subscription to their e-commerce websites or blogs
Posting on a high profile website, although in return for zero payment, is the best thing that you could do to convert traffic into subscribers. The model is turning to be increasingly popular in the virtual space; you provide free content and in return you gain unprecedented visibility. The bottom line is: You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization or paid traffic, as guest posting is a relatively free and much more effective tool in increasing your website’s presence and awareness. All you need to do is scope out an opportunity for a guest post and accordingly create a compelling article that will keep readers coming back for more.

However, there is a catch. Landing the opportunity for a guest post is a long and painstaking process and requires a great deal of patience and perseverance on the writer’s part. The long held preconceived notion about its ineffectiveness had ultimately led to scores of businesses and marketers discounting this vital marketing discipline. Now that times have changed, the prominence of guest posting has finally come to the fore. An efficient execution of a guest post will keep readers wanting to read more of your writing, thus giving you a chance for a follow-up guest post or better still indirectly directing traffic to your personal webpage.

School of Internet Marketing

Building Connections

Guest Posting in addition to giving you the much desired visibility and hits, are also a major determinant in building online relationships. Every successful website on the internet requires a constant flow of content updates that are high quality, relevant and relatively low cost. By inviting private individuals with a proven track record to do a guest post on their website, they tackle their needs with considerable ease. Over the due course of time, provided your guest posts are top notch, successful relationships will be established, inherently contributing to your website’s increasing presence in the realm of the World Wide Web.

If you are making a post on a relatively popular website, you will definitely receive comments and pointers from the well-established community of frequent visitors to the website. But these readers are an untapped resource for you as a writer or marketer. They have yet to warm up to you and your ideas. However, making valuable additions to their discussions in the comments section or accepting constructive criticism and pointers from the community goes a long way in enhancing your reputation and gaining additional visitors to your homepage. In retrospect, if you are only interested in promoting a product or forcing ideas upon the readers, you will invariably end up with a reputation you didn’t want to begin with.

Guest posting results in higher organic rankings

When agreeing to a guest post, there is a non-stated pre-contractual agreement that the host website will customarily include a back link to your website or blog. These links from authoritative and established websites will boost the credibility of your blog in the long run, a feature greatly desired by Google’s in-built search algorithm. Therefore, as you write more and more guest posts you are actually increasing the number domains on the web that contain a back link to your blog or website. Overtime, these contribute to the higher organic search ranking of your website and it could ultimately rank on the elusive first page of Google when a user makes a search query on a related niche.

How to secure a guest posting opportunity

Although landing that all-elusive guest post at a reputed website requires networking and constant follow up. It also requires a great deal of research and hard work. You can begin by scouring the internet for potential websites, whom you would possibly want to write a guest post for. Once this list is established, contacting the relevant personnel is the next plausible step. However, do not expect a reply for every email that you send. There is a chance that you may not hear back from any of them due to the vast number of requests for guest posts that they receive on a daily basis.

So what do you do then? Target a specific website editor and try to get in touch with him through organic sources such as forums and discussions. Comment on his posts with viable and relevant feedback. If you’re comments and thoughts are of genuine quality and are highly valued by the editor, you could make a personal pitch for a guest post. However, the timing for the pitch should not be premature as it could sour the relationship more often than not. Once your proposal for a guest post has been accepted, spend hours perfecting your post to increase your chances of enticing potential visitors or customers. If all goes well, not only will you be invited for a follow-up post, regulars of the host website will want to know more about you and your writing and will ostensibly follow your back link that appears along with the guest post. Increased traffic, a second opportunity to impress and an enhanced reputation, all this can be achieved by harnessing the power of guest posting.

Guest posting is a high risk high reward strategy, if implemented correctly can lead to a massive boost to your website traffic. The significant investment of time, effort and commitment is offset by the enhanced reputation, a better network and potential work relationships. It offers you a level of marketing success that no other internet marketing discipline can offer. Succinctly, all you need to do is harness its immense power.

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