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Forget Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Selling Your OWN Product!

Last week, we made the case for using a blog to sell your own products and services instead of relying on using Google Adsense. This week, we are going to examine the affiliate marketing model, and explain once again why the small blogger is better off selling his or her own products. Don’t Fall Into the Affiliate Marketing Trap I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing and I know other bloggers who have also earned a lucrative income. Read more [...] Read More »

Why Google Adsense WON’T Make You Much Money !

Now before you think I'm just a pure Google Adsense hater, I'm really not ... I just simply want to shed some light on why most bloggers are unable to create a large revenue stream with Google Adsense or any other advertising companies that offer interactive media advertisements. Here's The Reason Why Most Bloggers Don't Make Much money Employing Google Adsense... The majority of blog owners follow a simple formula that is based on how the periodical or media industries, (magazines, newspapers, Read more [...] Read More »

Secrets To Creating A High-Converting Sales Funnel

Money making blogs don’t just happen. They are built from the ground up, brick by brick. For the blog to run automatically later on, some planning is necessary to ensure that the sales received from your site are maximized. The sales funnel is the first step in making $100 a day with your blog. You have to have a sales funnel put in place, or else you will not get as many sales, or not get any sales at all for your great products. The funnel is the road to riches because it Read more [...] Read More »

3 Keys To A Successful Product Launch

Your product launch will be successful or unsuccessful depending on the planning efforts that you put into the product before the launch. This is where your ability to plan out the bigger picture comes into play. A mind-blowing product launch can boost you to the next money making level. We talked earlier about the email sequence for your perfect product launch (Here’s the previous article). In this article, we’re going to talk a little bit more about what works in product launches. Professional Read more [...] Read More »

Making Thousands Of Dollars In A Weekend Using A Product Launch Funnel

Professional bloggers run their blogs like businesses, and every online business needs to have a good product that it’s selling. That product can be something you created (like the Profit Blogging Blueprint) or an affiliate product (5 secrets to affiliate marketing), but there needs to be something there for your visitors to purchase. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels. Simply putting a link in your blog to the product isn’t going to generate the attention that you want. Only Read more [...] Read More »

Are You Making Money In The Year Of The Horse ?

According to Chinese astrology, we are now in the year of the Horse. Specifically, this is the year of the Wooden Horse. Some of the famous people born during the last Wooden Horse year were Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, and Denzel Washington. The Horse symbolizes many things that are important to the Chinese, notably the effort to improve constantly. It is a very energetic and intelligent symbol. Some of the other traits are very applicable to business bloggers as a whole: • Great Read more [...] Read More »

How To Create And Make Money With Your Own Online Products

Making Money Online

Creating Your Own Online Products When most individuals foray into the world of online marketing, they promote products for their clients and earn a small commission based on the number of sales they make. The world of affiliate marketing has a relatively low barrier to entry and being successful in this field depends on the implementation of creative marketing techniques. While it may appeal to you at first, it quickly loses it sheen once you gain a quantitative estimate on the sizable profits Read more [...] Read More »

How To Make Your First $1 Online

How To Make Money Online

6 Ways To Make Your Very First Dollar Online ~ There are different ways to make money online, but you need to understand one method so that you can make your first dollar online. I have compiled a list of six methods to help you get started. My methods include: 1. Selling Your Services 2. Surveys 3. Adsense 4. YouTube 5. Affiliate Marketing 6. Product Creation You can make your first dollar online by using any one of these methods. Selling Your Services There are many people Read more [...] Read More »

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