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Forget Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Selling Your OWN Product!

Last week, we made the case for using a blog to sell your own products and services instead of relying on using Google Adsense. This week, we are going to examine the affiliate marketing model, and explain once again why the small blogger is better off selling his or her own products. Don’t Fall Into the Affiliate Marketing Trap I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing and I know other bloggers who have also earned a lucrative income. Read more [...] Read More »

Why Google Adsense WON’T Make You Much Money !

Now before you think I'm just a pure Google Adsense hater, I'm really not ... I just simply want to shed some light on why most bloggers are unable to create a large revenue stream with Google Adsense or any other advertising companies that offer interactive media advertisements. Here's The Reason Why Most Bloggers Don't Make Much money Employing Google Adsense... The majority of blog owners follow a simple formula that is based on how the periodical or media industries, (magazines, newspapers, Read more [...] Read More »

7 Things Holding Your Blog Back From Making Money

how to make money blogging

The question that I get asked more than ‘how can I make money blogging?’ is ‘why isn’t my blog making any money?’ And, I don’t blame you for feeling like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick. The marketing ‘gurus’ out there said that it would be easy, that you wouldn’t have to spend a dime, and that you’d have your own fleet of luxury cars in a matter of a few weeks. For every blog that I’ve looked at (and I’ve looked at a TON of them), there’s not been Read more [...] Read More »

How To Make Money Blogging – Blogging To The Power Of Three

Last time, I talked about my new video series about how to make money online with your blog. There were three major secrets in that video series. Today I want to talk more about the third one, marketing automation. I found that as the traffic to my site increased, the amount of work that I needed to do for the site increased. There were emails to send out, new products to look at, people asking me for one on one consultation. Business was booming. But! No matter what I tried Read more [...] Read More »

Aha! The Secrets To Making Money Blogging

Every inventor, mad scientist, and magician can recognize that magic moment. Every successful entrepreneur has one, too. I’m talking about that grand ‘aha!’ moment that happens after hours (weeks, or months) of toiling with no result. It is the switch that tells you that your work just might pay off. It’s a glorious feeling. There’s a huge difference between hearing that it’s possible and doing it yourself. Nothing can compare to the feeling of doing it yourself, because up Read more [...] Read More »

10 Essential Strategies For Blogging Success


10 Essentials For Blogging Success ~ If you are thinking about blogging, I am going to share ten strategies with you to help you rank higher and get more traffic. These are ten essential elements you should have supporting your blog for results: 1. Link Authorship to Google+ Profile 2. Bluehost 3. Protect Your Blog 4. Collect Emails 5. Brand Yourself With Banners and Images 6. Install Tools That Connect With Social Platforms 7. Submit To RSS Feed Directories 8. No Follow Your Privacy Page 9. Read more [...] Read More »

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