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Case Study: How To Gain Traffic Towards Your Blog Site

We've got a brand new case study to share with bloggers in our audience this week. This week's case study deals with TRAFFIC. Why we are featuring a case study? From time to time, my connections on LinkedIn will reach out to ask for help on a specific topic. I wanted to share the same advice with you that brought success to fellow bloggers within our LinkedIn network. Who we are featuring this week? This week we are featuring Tracey Nguyen and her blog, Lipstickandmuffin.com. Tracey’s Read more [...] Read More »

Do Facebook Ads Work And What Is the Best Way To Use Them

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Startegies ~ Although people debate about whether or not Facebook ads work, they can be used to generate revenue. However, the actual effectiveness of the ads varies depending on a number of factors. To help work Facebook ads into your marketing campaign, here are 3 tips for the best ways to use them: 1. Know What Your Ads Must Contain. In order to succeed, your ads need: • High relevance. When placing your ads, you have to make sure to place them somewhere that they have Read more [...] Read More »

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