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The Worst Mistake New Bloggers Make

I don’t know what it is, but my one-on-one consulting clients all start out believing that an Internet business is not a real business. They don’t realize that they can make real money, achieve real financial security, and obtain peace of mind without going into someone else’s office every single day. A blogging business without a plan in place is wasting time. Because an Internet blogging entrepreneur (sometimes called a blogpreneur) doesn’t have to negotiate for land, purchase Read more [...] Read More »

The Dirty Little Content Secret !

In light of the Christmas holiday's, let's talk about regifting and the dirty little secret of regifting other people's content. Regifting used to be a somewhat dirty word. It means to take a gift that you’ve received from someone and give it to someone else. It’s done most during Christmas, and it can be quite the faux pas to be caught doing it. Yet don’t we do that every day with internet content? We take someone else’s gift of ideas and words and share them with others all the time Read more [...] Read More »

What Nelson Mandela Taught Me About Blogging

This past week, we lost a great leader, statesman, and teacher. Nelson Mandela died at 95 from complications arising from a lung infection. He led a full, complete life. I would be satisfied if I did only half the amount of good that he has for the world. His legacy shall not be soon forgotten. Mandela believed in education of the people. He believed that being educated would help people rise against those who were walking on them. Through that education, he felt, the people Read more [...] Read More »

The Importance Of Getting Blog Feedbacks

Blogging is much like stand-up comedy. Comedians hone and target their routines to the crowd that they have in front of them, often changing on the fly to accommodate certain crowds. They're trying to get the most response from the crowd, whether it be good or bad. Indifference is the killer. When you're blogging as a business, you want responses from your readers, whether good or bad. Webmasters are constantly bombarded by spammers. These spammers find whatever you are posting and Read more [...] Read More »

How to Create An Authority Blog And Get People To Follow You

If you want to get plenty of traffic to help make money, you need to become an authority site. Not only does Google rank authority websites as being more valuable, but users find them more reputable as well. In order to become successful when you start your own blog, here are tips on how to create an authority blog and get people to follow you: Research Everything In order to succeed with online marketing, you need to have a plan in place. When you start your own blog, you need to best determine Read more [...] Read More »

Blogging Tips On How To Attract The Right People To Your Blog

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Blogging Tips On How To Attract People To Your Blog ~ When people create blogs, they typically have a particular goal in mind. However, the goal can be difficult to achieve if you do not get the traffic you need to take your business to new heights. Luckily, here are blogging tips on how to attract the right people to your blog that I can offer: Create the Right Message Your blog could have the greatest content on the earth, but if you are not sending out the right message, you will never Read more [...] Read More »

Creating The Right Message For Successful Blogging

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Why Your Blog Needs to Have the Right Message For Successful Blogging ~ Channeling the right audience to your blog is not as easy as it seems and the reason for this is because many bloggers try to appeal to the masses, which means that they lose focus and create blogs that have diluted content and too broad of a message. There is a misconceived notion by many new bloggers that the bigger the audience you can attract the more money you can make. Well I can tell you from my experience that, that Read more [...] Read More »

Blogging Tips ~ 7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Failing

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Blogging Tips To What You Might Be Doing Wrong ~ Blogging is an excellent way of reaching people to possibly generate a decent income. Unfortunately, many people think that it can be done very easily, and become discouraged when things do not go exactly their way. If you are not experiencing the success that you dreamed of, here are 7 reasons why your blog may be failing: 1. You're in the wrong niche and there's not a lot of people searching for it. In order to become successful, you need Read more [...] Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes