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Forget Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Selling Your OWN Product!

Last week, we made the case for using a blog to sell your own products and services instead of relying on using Google Adsense. This week, we are going to examine the affiliate marketing model, and explain once again why the small blogger is better off selling his or her own products. Don’t Fall Into the Affiliate Marketing Trap I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing and I know other bloggers who have also earned a lucrative income. Read more [...] Read More »

Why Google Adsense WON’T Make You Much Money !

Now before you think I'm just a pure Google Adsense hater, I'm really not ... I just simply want to shed some light on why most bloggers are unable to create a large revenue stream with Google Adsense or any other advertising companies that offer interactive media advertisements. Here's The Reason Why Most Bloggers Don't Make Much money Employing Google Adsense... The majority of blog owners follow a simple formula that is based on how the periodical or media industries, (magazines, newspapers, Read more [...] Read More »

Do I Have To Blog Every Day ? Is There A Need To Blog Every Day ?

Blogging Every Day

This is a question that scares a lot of people from taking the writing plunge. Is writing new content for a blog every day really necessary for success? The answer to that question has several variables, and we’ll go into those variables in this week’s article. The short answer is that you don’t have to blog every day, but you do need to blog consistently. Here’s why. Business Blogs vs. Personal Blogs People blog for all sorts of reasons besides making money. Passion about Read more [...] Read More »

How To Transform And Promote Your Blog Like A Superstar

When you create a professional blog (or business blog), you kick the door open to one of the best ways to make money online. Pro bloggers know that a blog which has been correctly set up and maintained can provide a passive income for years to come. With a professional blog, you can quit your day job and support yourself and your family, all the while wearing bunny slippers to work. People who use my free 60 minute consulting service ask me this question all the time: How do I Read more [...] Read More »

How To Write Blogging Headlines And Make Money

Headline Writing: First Key to Success One skill rises above all the others if you want to make money blogging. It’s a skill that’s much like the game Connect Four: easy to understand, hard to master. Many earn thousands for using this skill over the course of an afternoon, and their patrons gladly pay those fees. What am I talking about? ... Headline writing. What’s the skill that makes the difference between a thriving blogging community and tumbleweeds. When I wrote about Read more [...] Read More »

Why Most Bloggers Are Wrong

Yes, it’s true. Most business bloggers have their heads on backwards when they first try to make money with a blog. It’s a difficult process, especially if you’re new to regular writing or have never run a business before. However, it looks deceptively easy and so many give it a go. That’s the Dunning-Kreuger Effect in action. This is a psychological bias that makes people think they’re better at something than they really are because they have no experience. And there’s a huge Read more [...] Read More »

Lower Your Blogging Stress With These 10 Tools

Developing your blogging business into something profitable takes time, effort, and energy. It also takes the proper tools. Having access to certain programs and services can make your blogging empire far easier to create. Take WordPress as a basic example. There was a tie where everything had to be created by hand. We’ve come a long way from then. As the shape of the internet has changed, other tools have come up to assist people in managing web-based businesses. Autoresponders, analytic Read more [...] Read More »

What Do Google, Sesame Street, And Lucille Ball Have In Common?

Finding the links between uncommon things is one of the signs of intelligence, and it makes for interesting blog headlines as well. Can you guess what all three of these things have in common before reading further? Take a moment to make a guess. Ready? In all three of these cases, they all had a far-off ideal that they wanted to achieve with their business. It was something deeper than money or prestige that kept them on course. It was a vision of how they wanted to see their life unfold Read more [...] Read More »

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