How Scheduling Blogs in Wordpress Makes Your Life Easier
Set it and Forget it: How Scheduling Blogs in WordPress can be your Lifeline

Set it and Forget it: How Scheduling Blogs in WordPress can be your Lifeline

Day planner, iCalendar, Outlook, Blackberry, Google Calendar, a tattered notebook with hand-written scribbles on it. Whatever tool you use to stay organized, I would be willing to bet it is your lifeline. In life, scheduling and planning is key. In your online life, in blogging, it is no different.

To ease your blogging timeline, scheduling and stress, we bring you, Scheduling Blogs in WordPress.

We’ve all been there. Staring at the to-do list, computer screen or just lying in bed thinking about the things you need to do and how behind you are on your tasks can be daunting. Often times, blogging falls to the bottom of the priority list.

By pre-writing 3, 4, or even 5 blogs at a time and scheduling them in WordPress, you will also be scheduling yourself as a blogger so it doesn’t get pushed to the backburner, growing your blog with consistency and turning your blog into a money making business in no time.

So how do you do it?

It really is a matter of just adjusting one setting before posting your blog. In the new blog screen, you will look to the top right corner in the ‘Publish” box. On the line that says “Publish immediately” click the Edit hyperlink and it will expand giving you the option to pick the time and date of when you want it to publish. Before clicking “OK” be sure the blog is the way you want it. You’ll be able to go back and make changes to blogs at any time but the ideas behind pre-scheduling is to get ahead of the game and make it easier on yourself so you can write it, set it and forget it.

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Other great benefits of scheduling your posts in WordPress include allowing yourself some leeway in terms of going on vacation or attending other events and not having to worry about keeping up with your blog. Scheduling also allows you to post at times or days of the week in which you might not be available but are actually the best times to post to engage your readers.

Read our recent post on the best times to post your blogs for maximum engaging and sharing.

Now that we got the logistics of how to scheduling blogs out of the way, we are back to the constant reoccurring topic of how do I come up with new interesting, different and new blog topics?

First and foremost start with what you know. It may seem simple for you, but chances are your readers are coming to your blog to gain insights from you, the expert in your field . A simple title of “The 5 steps of {insert your expertise here}” is not only engaging but gives a straightforward approach so your readers know what to expect.

Now I know what you’re thinking, well great, that’s one blog topic. Where do I go from there?

The next step is what I like to call The Vertical Article Writing Process. You simply take each step outlined in your first article and make separate expansion articles for each step. In the subsequent articles, you drill down deeper and deeper giving your readers more details and knowledge about the original topic. This will also keep your readers coming back each day, week or month depending on your post schedule to see the next article in the series.

By sticking with a theme for a series of blogs you build up a great deal of momentum and will be able to write in a stream on consciousness much quicker and cohesively than you could spending time brainstorming and then writing about disparate topics at various times. This is just more tactic to turn your blog into a money making business just by driving more traffic to it.

So with this new tool in your arsenal, you can remove the apology for having a lag in blogging that we see from time to time on blogs and stick with clear, consistent and cohesive content with just a few extra clicks.

To get the absolute most out of your blogging, you might want to consider checking out these tools for the best efficiency and reach.

Your Turn

What was your worst case of writer’s block? Do you think this strategy might improve your writing and beat out the writer’s block? Tell me about it in the comments below.


  1. Great post! I have found the scheduling menu in WordPress to be most helpful. With a little planning and organization, my posts are published even when I’m out doing other things, or even still asleep! 🙂

    One small piece of advice I’d like to add for bloggers who want to use this, though: It’s always a good idea to double-check your blog to make sure a scheduled post actually went up. A couple of weeks ago, I had a post miss the schedule for some reason, and I had to publish it manually. That’s the only time that has happened. It’s usually very reliable, but like any software, it can have glitches from time to time. But overall, I love the scheduling feature.

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