The Sales Funnel Money Making Makeover

The Sales Funnel Money Making Makeover

So many of us start our online presence, set up a blog, get in a groove and then wait for the money to come in. If you’re lucky, this will work for a while. In most cases, you’ll not see a pickup in sales or you’ll see a stark drop off after a very quick initial spike.

So if you become stagnant or if you fail to ever really launch your blog into a money making tool in the first place, you have to rethink your sales process. As we’ve mentioned, you have to start with your audience. You must know who it is you want to buy your product so you know how to property set up your sales funnel to target them.

To be successful making money online, you need to build a marketing funnel to nurture leads into sales.

Establishing a process to take your leads and turn them into buyers is essential. It is also one of the biggest areas that people fail to make money with their blogs online.

We all work very hard to generate the traffic to our websites and then we play the balance game of educating vs. selling and in many cases we lead people to a dead end. They come to the website for information and leave with just that. While the visitor benefits, you’re still waiting for the money to come in with no return on your time.

This is where you need to rethink your marketing funnel to ensure the visitors to you site, become buyers on your site.

As you build your marketing plan you need to have a cohesive walk-through that not just makes sense to you, but also takes visitors to your website on a logical, informative and relevant path to a point that they don’t just end on a sales page, but they feel the value from the product is a must buy for them.

Start with your messaging. What exactly do you want your website visitors to feel when they get to your website?

Next ask yourself how you can communicate that message to your audience in a concise way.

Keeping the message short and clear will make it not only easier for them to understand, but also easier to duplicate in the various marketing vehicles you will be drawing your leads from. Depending on your audience and the marketing funnel you’ve set up, this can include email campaigns, blog/articles, social media, and of course, the content on your site.

This language should not be pushing them to buy but instead leading them to a solution to a problem they are having. Think of the marketing funnel as more of a well-defined roadmap, rather than a funnel.

When they get to the end of your sales funnel, you want to have eased them into it so much so that they feel like it’s their idea to make the purchase, not the other way around. Use links and call-outs to move the visitors through your site in a direction that keeps them interested buts gets them to where you want them to end up. Don’t be shy with the use of declarative statements and assert your confidence in the solution. If it’s a right for them, you shouldn’t have to tell them to buy, they will have been educated properly by the time they get to your sales page, it will be a no –brainer decision to click buy.

Your Turn: What sales tactics do you use to direct people to your sales pages? Have you adapted your sales funnel and found better success one way or another?



  1. Becoming a productive blogger is not easy in 2015. Newbies start blogging, they tend to inefficient. Most of them quit blogging because of the failure.

    I believe that the three main factors affecting productivity for most bloggers are their attitude, the technology they use and their attitude to change.

    I wrote a post about this topic.

    The sales funnel is the channel that leads your prospects to the point where they buy your product/service.

    In the sales funnel, we have seen being a more productive blogger increased leads, and more leads means more sales.

  2. This article is your ultimate guide to why you need a sales funnel, how to set one up, and how to constantly improve your funnel to make more money, no matter what your industry.

  3. i am a new blogger & you have gave me some very useful tips.

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