How To Do Proper Keyword Research For Your Blog
How To Do Proper Keyword Research For Your Blog

How To Do Proper Keyword Research For Your Blog

When you start your own blog, you need to have set keywords in mind in order to help attract the right kind of visitors to your blog. If you fail to do your keyword research beforehand, your blog could fail no matter how great it looks or functions. Luckily, here are some tips on how to do proper keyword research for your blog:

Learn About Keywords

When people type words into search engines, websites that rank highest for those words are put directly in front of their eyes. In order to get your content in front of the right eyes and audience, you need to know how to choose the right keywords relevant to your blog.

1. Short keywords

Short keywords are typically made up of one or two keywords. While short keywords get higher traffic, they are low quality. In fact, short keywords only make up about 30% of all searches. While short keywords make a good starting point, you will definitely need to expand on them in order to target the right audience.

2. Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords (made up of three or more keywords) are often preferable to short keywords because people using long tail keywords are typically looking for something very specific. For example, if someone uses the short keyword “shoes,” they are likely in a browsing mood. However, if a long tail keyword like “best prices for Nike LunarGlide” is used, they are likely very ready to buy. As you can see by this example, the long tail keyword provides much more value and buying potential.

Determine Your Niche

The top moneymaking niches are:

• Health & Fitness
• Dating & Relationships
• Weight Loss
• Educational
• Business & Money

When you start your own blog, you may think that these niches are the ones that you absolutely have to get into. However, because the competition for these niches are so fierce, you may not actually do well. Yet, if you narrow your focus to specific topics within these niches, you will improve your chances for success.

I also have to stress that you won’t necessarily fail if your niche is outside of the ones discussed above. As long as you know how to find good, buying, powerful keywords within the niche, you will have a chance of succeeding with your online blogging business.

Find the Right Keywords for Your Blog

To begin the task, you first need to create a rough list with all of the keywords that you can think of. Once you have the list compiled, you will then be able to run it through different tools to help determine how valuable they are.

There are plenty of tools available to help you do keyword research, such as:

• Google Adwords Keyword Tool
• Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
• Google Analytics
• Google Webmaster Tools
• Keyword Discovery
• WordTracker

When reviewing the data, you will need to throw away any keywords that are low volume. By refining your list and putting it through different tools, you will also discover other related keywords that could potentially be profitable. In fact, the best keywords to help generate a profit should include the following short keywords:

• Buy
• Compare
• Prices
• Best
• Cheap
• Review
• Delivery
• Gift

It should also be noted that it is much easier to get individual posts and pages ranked in Google than entire websites or blogs. That is why you will need to fully optimize every piece of content and page that you can.

Analyze the Competition

If you want to succeed in a niche, you need to determine the competition. By learning about the competition beforehand, it will make it easier for you to decide exactly what niche or sub-niche to work within.

A quick way to learn about the competition is to try different keywords in different search engines. If authority sites immediately pop up, that means your competition will be fierce. Instead, you should try to find keywords that lead to front pages with ads but very few authority sites. By doing so, you can become a trusted authority figure that ranks well for that keyword much more easily.

With these tips on how to do proper keyword research when you start your own blog, it will be so much easier to find the right target audience. Just remember that you should always be testing and refining your keyword lists for the best results.

Your Turn

Do you have any questions about finding the right keywords for your blog ? Do you know what keywords your audience is searching for ? Leave me your questions and feedbacks in the comment section below and I will personally answer them.


  1. my site domain mane is . so which nice should i used?

    • I would have to take a look at your website to give you a good suggestion on which niche you should choose. could be anything from magic tricks to SEO strategies, so it would be better to let me see your site when it is operational and I can give you some suggestions.


    Verry energetic article, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  3. Your blog can also be optimized for the right keywords when you know what your visitors are asking about your site using

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