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How and Where to Promote your E-book

How and Where to Promote your E-book

The ideas are developed, the words are on paper, editing is complete, and you’re ready to get your e-book out into the public.

If you’ve taken the first step in building your online presence, this part of your e-book journey will be an easier one.

The first and most obvious place to start is your own website or blog. If you’ve been following the successful strategies to write your e-book, you’ll hopefully already have built a reader base that is interested in the topic you wrote your e-book on. With a book written using the K.I.S.S strategy to writing an e-book, you can rest assured this content is going to be accepted and well-liked by your readers so your focus now can be to promote it.

For more information on how to get your audience to follow and trust you, click here.

Before you even publish your e-book, you want to promote it on your blog before you officially launch it. Having a countdown to the release date to build the suspense is a great way to get people interested while you take the time to research and write your e-book. You can also allow for exclusive pre-looks to your followers to get feedback prior to the public launch.

After your e-book is released, put a large call to action to download it on the main page of your site and/or blog.

Utilizing all your social media channels and networks to distribute information about your e-book is essential. As an established thought leader in your niche, your followers will be happy to help promote your e-book as long as it helps solve an issue or help your readers in some way.

Next, you need to go to on the platforms where readers are. The largest online marketplace, especially for self-publishing authors, is Amazon Kindle.


In many cases you can promote your book for free using Kindle Direct Publishing or as KDP.

If you’re charging money for your e-book, even if it’s just $0 .99, this dynamic is going to be a bit different. You can use temporary price drops as an incentive to boost downloads so that when you increase the price back to the original, there will still be a demand for your e-book.

When entering the title into KDP, you will have lots of areas to customize. We recommend you fill these all out in their entirety. In the KDP publisher, you can even make a cover using the Amazon powered cover if you haven’t already created one.

Descriptive keywords and a well-written description of the content of the book to accurately tell people what they are getting with your e-book are essential. Completely all of these things will help you get it ranked in search engines and increase the audience you reach with your e-book.

The next thing to consider is the comments and ratings of your e-book.

Do not take these for granted!

The more of these your book has, the more engaged your audience is and the higher you will rank in Amazon.

As you’re adding your book to Amazon, be aware of the different levels and programs you enroll in as they can be helpful in some cases and limiting in others.

For example, the KDP Select program makes you commit to make the digital format of your book available exclusively through KDP. During this period of exclusivity, you are forbidden to distribute your book digitally anywhere else, including on your website or blog.

Depending on what infrastructure you already established to promote your book, this may or may not be a good option for you. If you’re using your book as an incentive for people to come to your website or blog and are offering it for free to increase your blogging revenues, KDP select isn’t going to be a good option for you. Just because you don’t use KDP Select doesn’t mean you can’t still have your e-book available on the Amazon website.

One final thing I would like to close with is that people don’t get rich off one e-book. It is a stepping stone to a larger multiple profit centers that we will cover in more depth next week.

Your Turn:

What strategies have worked well for you to get your e-book to the top results in your genre? Have you struggled with this task?

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