Why Doing Videos And Being On YouTube Can Explode Your Online Business
Why Doing Videos And Being On YouTube Can Explode Your Online Business

Why Doing Videos And Being On YouTube Can Explode Your Online Business

Using YouTube To Succeed Online ~

Creating videos and sharing them with the world is not only fun, but potentially profitable. By doing videos and being on YouTube, you can explode your online business, but only if you do it right. To help decide if investing your time and effort into a channel is right for you, here are 7 benefits:

1. Videos Make Your Websites More Interesting

If you have a website, having relevant videos featured is free content that your audience will love. You can even use videos to create webinars that you can offer for free or as special products. In most cases, it is very easy to create such videos because people watching online videos do not expect stellar acting. All you need to do is be interesting and provide quality content that is relevant to your audience’s interests.

2. Links Can Be Embedded In Videos To Drive Traffic Elsewhere

When presenting videos, you can embed links that your viewers can click to be directed elsewhere. This is an excellent way of linking your videos to other videos or websites that require more traffic. However, just remember to use the links sparingly to avoid spamming your audience and making them click away instead.

3. YouTube Is A Great For SEO

Not only can the platform be used to promote your website all over the Internet, but it is great for SEO because it is a Google venture. Since it is a Google venture, YouTube is given precedence over other platforms in Google search rankings.

It is also beneficial to create subtitles for your videos. Not only do subtitles allow you to expand your reach to foreign and Deaf communities, but the subtitle files also help rank in Google. However, do not rely on the machine translate and instead invest in actual human transcribers. Machine translations are always poor in quality and can potentially do more harm than good.

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4.Short Videos Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Your videos need to be short and sweet, especially for product reviews, to keep your audience engaged. If you keep your videos under 4 minutes, you are more likely to keep your audience. However, after 10 minutes, viewer engagement begins to quickly decline. By keeping your videos short and precise, you will convey a stronger and more relevant message to your viewers that will keep them coming back for more.

5. Video bandwidth is free.

With a channel, you will not have to worry about paying for hosting because it is free. Because the platform is free, you will be able to pool more of your money into creating quality content for your viewers.

6. The Platform Is Great For Creating Viral Content

Everyone dreams about having a video go viral to help make a business profitable. In a matter of minutes, a video can go from zero views to hundreds or thousands. Within 24 hours, some videos can receive millions of hits. However, it is important to know that creating viral content does not always generate profit. For example, although the official Ojai Valley Taxidermy YouTube video has received over 13.5 million views, owner Chuck Testa has reported that it has done nothing for increasing sales.

7. People Can Subscribe To Your Channel

When people like what they see on your channel, they can subscribe to receive notifications when new videos are released. By increasing your subscriptions, you are more likely to have a loyal audience that will help increase view counts, spread the word, and even make purchases of products or services.

By considering the benefits, you can determine if doing videos and being on YouTube is right for your business. If you would like to learn more strategies on how to get more traffic and views to your YouTube video, click here.

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