Which Of These 5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes Are You Making ?


What are the 5 mistakes holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level? We sat down with over 100 bloggers and hears what we found out. By learning and correcting these 5 mistakes and implementing some simple strategies, many of those struggling bloggers are able to instantly see their revenue increase from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2,000, $5,000 and some even over $10,000 a month. See if you are making any of these 5 mistakes and how to fix them.
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Make Money Blogging with Buddha, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga

You're probably wondering what these three have in common. More than you think, actually. But, really, you're probably also thinking, 'how can I make money blogging with them? What lessons about blogging can they teach me?' Persistence Once they had their life's goals, these three individuals worked toward them with a focused passion. The Buddha saw that there could be an end to suffering, and he sought to eliminate it from our daily lives. Lady Gaga brings inspiration through her music, Read more [...] Read More »

What Attracts New Readers More, Design Or Content?

Design or Content? The design of a website is the framework that your content rests in. It’s the wrapping and the manual all in one. Design includes the layout, the way that widgets are presented, the typography, the banner advertisements, and the site's navigation. When you replace the text with nonsense, the design is what's left. Your content consists of all of the writing and other media that you're doing for the site, and it is generally thought to be the valuable portion of a Read more [...] Read More »

How I Made Money From Angelina Jolie’s Breasts

Angelina Jolie doesn't know me. I don't know her, but I've made money from her breasts. Specifically, I've made money from her double mastectomy and the public conversation that it stirred up. The story: After Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed, there was a lot of public debate about cancer, the cancer gene, whether she should have done the surgery in the first place, her strengths, and more. Every news outlet was talking about the event, and each story produced kept the publicity Read more [...] Read More »

Why Don’t People Love Your Blog?

I've been there. It was seven years ago. I'd had a blog for about six months and people just weren't coming. I'd heard that all I had to do to boost blog traffic was to create a blog and the visitors would magically appear. I'd put keywords into it, right? So, I waited. And waited. And waited. The people just weren't coming! I tried a lot of different tactics to increase blog traffic to my fledgling blog. I tried forum posts, autoresponder campaigns, videos, linking everything Read more [...] Read More »

Facebook Blog Strategies: How To Promote Your Blog On Facebook

Facebook Blog Strategies

Facebook Blog Strategies ~ It is not secret that utilizing social media platforms is the key to earning success in today's online marketing world. However, I know myself that it can be difficult to get recognition for a blog because of the fierce competition. That is why it's crucial to learn about how to promote your blog on Facebook. Create a Fan Page If you already have a blog and want to make money blogging, you need to invest in a fan page. Since Google heavily takes into account various Read more [...] Read More »

Mobile Friendly Blog: How To Get Your Blog To Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Blog ~ Many Americans rely completely on their mobile devices in order to get tasks done and socialize with friends and family. Mobile devices are also handy for keeping in contact with different brands, so businesses need to ensure that their websites can be seen no matter where they are accessed from. In order to make your blog more mobile friendly, consider the following: 1. Test your website to see if it is mobile friendly. Before you begin doing any major changes Read more [...] Read More »

Getting Ranked On Google

Getting Ranked On Google ~ If you want to enjoy the greatest success, it is often a must to have your blog on the first page of Google for your buying keywords. However, since competition is fierce, this can often be so much easier said than done. Luckily, here are tips I can share with you today about how to get your blog on the first page of Google: Create Quality Content That People Will Enjoy or Benefit From When starting a blog, you need to put your very best content on display Read more [...] Read More »

Make Money Blogging: How To Generate A Monthly Income With Your Blog

Make Money Blogging ~ While many people start blogs just for fun, all of the time and effort put into the hobby can actually generate money if the right methods are implemented. In fact, if done right, bloggers can potentially earn a living off blogs alone. To help get you started, here are blogging tips on how to generate a monthly income with your blog: Use Advertisements Paid advertisements are excellent for generating a passive income on your blog. However, they will not benefit you right Read more [...] Read More »

Blog Traffic: How To Generate A Boat Load Of Traffic To Your Blog

Blog Traffic ~ If you want to rank well and make the best profit, having plenty of traffic is key. However, it can be difficult to get the traffic you need, and especially if you have plenty of competition. Fortunately, here are some tips on how to generate a boat load of traffic when you start your own blog: Create Quality Content I am a very firm believer in providing quality content for your audience. If you wouldn't recommend a piece to your own friends and family, then don't bother putting Read more [...] Read More »

How To Do Proper Keyword Research For Your Blog

When you start your own blog, you need to have set keywords in mind in order to help attract the right kind of visitors to your blog. If you fail to do your keyword research beforehand, your blog could fail no matter how great it looks or functions. Luckily, here are some tips on how to do proper keyword research for your blog: Learn About Keywords When people type words into search engines, websites that rank highest for those words are put directly in front of their eyes. In order to get Read more [...] Read More »

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