Which Of These 5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes Are You Making ?


What are the 5 mistakes holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level? We sat down with over 100 bloggers and hears what we found out. By learning and correcting these 5 mistakes and implementing some simple strategies, many of those struggling bloggers are able to instantly see their revenue increase from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2,000, $5,000 and some even over $10,000 a month. See if you are making any of these 5 mistakes and how to fix them.
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In follow-up to our post last week of how audience is the cornerstone to online marketing, we need to move on to step 2 of how to actually find and target your niche. We’re going to break this down into two parts: A quantitative and a qualitative part. Understanding the types of conversations that are already being had regarding your product or service is the qualitative part. Understanding the numbers, statistics and analytics of your audience is the quantitative part. All of this is Read more [...] Read More »

Audience = the Corners of the Online Marketing Puzzle

For anyone that’s actually sat down to do a puzzle (yes, a REAL life cardboard cutout puzzle), you know what the title of this article means. The corners are literally the cornerstone(get it?) of the puzzle and crucial to building the whole thing to completion. Just with online marketing you need a foundation, a basis to start with and something to ensure you’re going in the right direction. In online marketing, this is your audience. Who you’re targeting. Who you want to sell to. Who Read more [...] Read More »

Set it and Forget it: How Scheduling Blogs in WordPress can be your Lifeline

Day planner, iCalendar, Outlook, Blackberry, Google Calendar, a tattered notebook with hand-written scribbles on it. Whatever tool you use to stay organized, I would be willing to bet it is your lifeline. In life, scheduling and planning is key. In your online life, in blogging, it is no different. To ease your blogging timeline, scheduling and stress, we bring you, Scheduling Blogs in WordPress. We’ve all been there. Staring at the to-do list, computer screen or just lying in bed thinking Read more [...] Read More »

The Best Times To Post Your Content

Content Scheduling

This week I ran across a fascinating study by TrackMaven, a content marketing firm. Blogging is a form of content marketing, so obviously this was of great interest to me. There’s a lot in this report, but there’s one thing that stood out that I want to talk to you about this week. I want to talk about when you should post your blog. This is very important for maximum visibility! You’ve spent all that time building your blog, perhaps along my Profit Blogging Blueprint method. It’s Read more [...] Read More »

Do I Have To Blog Every Day ? Is There A Need To Blog Every Day ?

Blogging Every Day

This is a question that scares a lot of people from taking the writing plunge. Is writing new content for a blog every day really necessary for success? The answer to that question has several variables, and we’ll go into those variables in this week’s article. The short answer is that you don’t have to blog every day, but you do need to blog consistently. Here’s why. Business Blogs vs. Personal Blogs People blog for all sorts of reasons besides making money. Passion about Read more [...] Read More »

The REAL Cost Of A Blogging Business

Blogging Cost

This week, we’re going to take a little closer look at the real costs of business blogging. Like a brick and mortar business, there are still investments which need to be made. These investments can be made in personnel, tools, or in site costs. Basically, you do need to spend money to make money. If you’re doing it right and outsourcing in the right places, you’ll be making FAR more than you spend and it will be worth it. By paying these trivial costs and outsourcing, Read more [...] Read More »

7 Things Holding Your Blog Back From Making Money

how to make money blogging

The question that I get asked more than ‘how can I make money blogging?’ is ‘why isn’t my blog making any money?’ And, I don’t blame you for feeling like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick. The marketing ‘gurus’ out there said that it would be easy, that you wouldn’t have to spend a dime, and that you’d have your own fleet of luxury cars in a matter of a few weeks. For every blog that I’ve looked at (and I’ve looked at a TON of them), there’s not been Read more [...] Read More »

Secrets To Creating A High-Converting Sales Funnel

Money making blogs don’t just happen. They are built from the ground up, brick by brick. For the blog to run automatically later on, some planning is necessary to ensure that the sales received from your site are maximized. The sales funnel is the first step in making $100 a day with your blog. You have to have a sales funnel put in place, or else you will not get as many sales, or not get any sales at all for your great products. The funnel is the road to riches because it Read more [...] Read More »

How To Find A Niche That Makes Money Part 2

This week, we’re continuing the conversation about how to find your audience and how to find a niche that makes you money. If you've missed part one of this article you can click here to read it. Once you’ve done some research and have gotten an idea about your niche and the types of people within your niche, it’s time to create a product for them. In this article, we’re going to talk about the second two steps in discovering your audience: Finding niche products to fill the need, and Read more [...] Read More »

How To Find A Niche That Makes Money Part 1

There are a lot of bloggers out there who aren’t making money. I mean, a LOT of them. And, the biggest reason that they’re failing is that they haven’t properly chosen a niche. They’ve either decided to eat the world by choosing a niche which is SO broad that it’s unmanageable, or they’ve focused on a niche which is so tiny that there aren’t enough paying customers in it. The happy medium is reached through strategic keyword research and the skill to analyze that research. Read more [...] Read More »

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