Which Of These 5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes Are You Making ?


What are the 5 mistakes holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level? We sat down with over 100 bloggers and hears what we found out. By learning and correcting these 5 mistakes and implementing some simple strategies, many of those struggling bloggers are able to instantly see their revenue increase from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2,000, $5,000 and some even over $10,000 a month. See if you are making any of these 5 mistakes and how to fix them.
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The ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing in 2014

OK, ok, so this is actually the A through F list of being successful in affiliate marketing in this new era of online marketing but it is still a relatively short and easy list to follow so everyone can be successful at making money online. Affiliate marketing is all about building mutually beneficial relationships to sell products or services online. It is a simple three step process that works in the favor of all parties involved. You promote a relevant product or service from a partner Read more [...] Read More »

The Formula you Need to Make Profitable Advertising Campaigns

Profitable Advertising Campaigns

In case you hadn't heard, classifieds are on the decline and Online Advertising is in. Depending on the market and your product, classified ads have the potential to work really. However, for the majority of markets and products, it's time to utilize online advertising to drive traffic to your blog, to your sales pages and ultimately make money. With such easy access to masses and masses of people across the globe with just the touch of a button, online advertising that has become essential Read more [...] Read More »

How to Use Multiple Income Centers to Generate More Income Online

With so many ways to make money, it can be difficult to know where to focus, and what to do to make the most out of your time to make money online. Creating multiple streams of income is pinnacle to making a large income online. If you’ve already taken steps to start a blog or website, if you’ve written an e-book, or if you’re just getting started on social media sites, you’re already off to a great start. The next step is taking your expertise and building off of it to create several Read more [...] Read More »

How and Where to Promote your E-book

The ideas are developed, the words are on paper, editing is complete, and you’re ready to get your e-book out into the public. If you’ve taken the first step in building your online presence, this part of your e-book journey will be an easier one. The first and most obvious place to start is your own website or blog. If you’ve been following the successful strategies to write your e-book, you’ll hopefully already have built a reader base that is interested in the topic you wrote your Read more [...] Read More »

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Writing an E-book

So you want to write an e-book. As an expert on the topic, I have a few things I’d like to share that will hopefully make you more successful and the whole process easier for you. I’ll start with a hardy, Welcome! The benefits of making money online with writing are endless and I'm sure you will enjoy them. A few weeks ago we started with the K.I.S.S (Keep is Simple and short) strategy to writing an e-book. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the tactics of writing an e-book Read more [...] Read More »

Use K.I.S.S. To Write a Successful E-book

Most people know the acronym K.I.S.S  as Keep it Simple Stupid. In our case, we’re going to adapt it a little bit to fit our topic of how to Write a Successful E-book. For today’s post K.I.S.S means: Keep It Short (and) Simple With this one simple word, we’re going to go over the essentials of writing an e-book and we’ll cover how to be successful when you're going to write an e-book and identify the main success point to make money using your words. Before we Read more [...] Read More »

Back to the Beginning: 6 Steps in Creating your Own Product

If you’re a frequent follower of the blog, you know we have been giving tips and advice for some time now about how to make money with online marketing and how to best market your product or service. We’re going to wind back the clock and start with what’s necessary to take an idea to a product to market. Let’s start off this post with an example for creating your own product. Let’s say you want to start business writing and selling an e-book on weight loss. Chances are, if Read more [...] Read More »

Why you Need to Stop Selling and Start Educating NOW!

The first step in selling your products or services online is to stop selling them. Wait. What? You read it right. Put your sales pitches on hold, settle your selling techniques in your back pocket and back burner the tactics you know about to close the deal. In order to get people to trust and follow you, you need to add education based marketing to your repertoire and give people something useful. The first step in educating people is to establish yourself as an expert and deliver Read more [...] Read More »

3 Steps to Building Trust to Increase Sales

Trust can take an extended time to build and only seconds to break. Once trust is built, it can be one of the most powerful sales tools in your toolbox. Whether it be building a new relationship with a love interest or a marketing to a new buyer or business client, we all have to work on building trust. The good news is, even If you haven’t been lucky in love in there’s an almost fail proof way to gain trust in business or marketing setting. When you get someone to trust you they Read more [...] Read More »

Overcoming the Brain Driven Barriers of Online Buyers

Sometimes it’s a minor speed bump and other times it’s a set of spike strips derailing your potential consumer from purchasing your product. Before you even know it, the brain barriers that consumers have when buying online have kicked in and they have their (virtual) wallet put away and are on to the next site. How many times have you been looking for something online, done the research on it, compared products and sometimes even had an item in your online shopping cart and ended up not buying Read more [...] Read More »

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