Which Of These 5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes Are You Making ?


What are the 5 mistakes holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level? We sat down with over 100 bloggers and hears what we found out. By learning and correcting these 5 mistakes and implementing some simple strategies, many of those struggling bloggers are able to instantly see their revenue increase from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2,000, $5,000 and some even over $10,000 a month. See if you are making any of these 5 mistakes and how to fix them.
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How To Write And Set Up A Profitable Automated Email Sequence

How To Build An Email List

Setting Up An Email Sequence For people looking to add to their online marketing campaign, using an automated email sequence can be exactly what is needed. However, to best determine if it is right for you, here are 9 tips for how to write and setup a profitable automated email sequence: 1. Determine why you need an autoresponder. When building an online marketing plan, it is crucial to have an autoresponder in place before you begin to look for prospects. However, if you need convincing Read more [...] Read More »

How To Create The Right Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing page is defined as the web page, which the customers or general visitors are exposed to when they visit a certain website and assists in performing a specific task such as making a purchase or being added to a mailing list. It acts as the first impression the web portal, an important aspect of online marketing, creates in the mind of perspective clients. Due to strong competition for online presence, firms need to develop the habit of capitalizing on the consumers who visit their website. Read more [...] Read More »

How To Create And Make Money With Your Own Online Products

Making Money Online

Creating Your Own Online Products When most individuals foray into the world of online marketing, they promote products for their clients and earn a small commission based on the number of sales they make. The world of affiliate marketing has a relatively low barrier to entry and being successful in this field depends on the implementation of creative marketing techniques. While it may appeal to you at first, it quickly loses it sheen once you gain a quantitative estimate on the sizable profits Read more [...] Read More »

How To Become An Authority In Your Niche

Online Authority

How To Become An Online Authority Creating a niche market for their products or services is the principal driving force for all the profit-driven firms. As a business consultant working at a prominent consulting firm, one issue which is often stressed is the importance of credibility in business. Trust is the most important thing in business, yes even more than innovation and marketing. Trust works as the fundamental building block for a business, which if breached can lead to the collapse of Read more [...] Read More »

The Best Way To Research Your Niche

Finding a niche is one destination which almost every online business, irrespective of its size, wishes to achieve. This destination is not limited to online businesses but also to every self-seeking individual. It is all about creating and marketing a product, which is highly differentiated from competitive firms' products. The concept of niche market has become even more relevant since the unprecedented surge of online product marketing and creation of websites to cater to a specific audience, Read more [...] Read More »

Branding Secrets

Branding Secrets

Branding is defined by American Marketing Association as a “name, team, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” It is one of the cornerstones of success in a competitive business and is usually achieved by enjoying a good rapport with the clients. A common technique of product differentiation, branding allows the goods and services produced by a certain Read more [...] Read More »

The Powers Of Guest Posting And How It Can Help Your Online Business

Guest Posting

The Power Of Guest Posting What most internet marketers have failed to comprehend in recent times is that guest posting is the ultimate tool for internet marketing. Its importance and the outreach cannot be stressed highly enough. Guest posts act as a gateway for writers wishing to achieve a greater visibility and higher subscription to their e-commerce websites or blogs Posting on a high profile website, although in return for zero payment, is the best thing that you could do to convert traffic Read more [...] Read More »

How To Protect Your WordPress Website

Wordpress Protection

WordPress websites have offered an unparalleled opportunity for people to voice out their opinion and concerns to a huge audience all around the globe. This opportunity can be used for propagation of information, marketing and advertising a firm or a brand, and even the maintenance of a personal diary online. However, due to excessive attempts by hackers all around the word for many reasons, it has become important to protect the WordPress website. It can be difficult to comprehend, especially Read more [...] Read More »

How To Write A Great Press Release

Press Releases

How To Write A Press Release Creating a press release can be an excellent way of branding your name, getting information out to the public, and more. Writing press releases can also be an excellent way of making additional money since editors will often pay a fair amount for a newsworthy piece. However, to be truly successful, you have to know how to write a great online press release. The Best Place To Distribute Your Press Releases The Basics 1. Create a header. If you are distributing an Read more [...] Read More »

The Importance Of Outsourcing Online To Grow Your Business

Outsourcing Online

Why Outsourcing Online Is Important It used to be that only big businesses could reap the benefits of outsourcing tasks to external sources. However, many small or online businesses can also benefit from outsourcing work to contractors. With so many benefits, it is crucial to know the importance of outsourcing your work online and how it can help our businesses grow. Why Businesses Outsource Work There are many reasons why we may want to have work outsourced online, including: • Having Read more [...] Read More »

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