Which Of These 5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes Are You Making ?


What are the 5 mistakes holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level? We sat down with over 100 bloggers and hears what we found out. By learning and correcting these 5 mistakes and implementing some simple strategies, many of those struggling bloggers are able to instantly see their revenue increase from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2,000, $5,000 and some even over $10,000 a month. See if you are making any of these 5 mistakes and how to fix them.
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How To Generate Money With Your Blog


6 Bloggiing Tips To Make You Some Cash ~ Making your blog profitable is easy once you know where to start. That is the tricky part for many bloggers. To help you out, I have created a list of six tips to help you monetize your blog and make money from it. Tip 1: Affiliate Programs Tip 2: Selling Products and Services Tip 3: Ad Networks Tip 4: Selling Ad Spits Tip 5: Selling Guest Post Slots Tip 6: Writing eBooks Tip 1: Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs are simple ways Read more [...] Read More »

How To Monetize And Up Sell Your Email List

How To Build An Email List

How To Make Money With Your Email List As an online businessman, your ultimate goal is generating maximum profits. But selling one product at a time is not the most efficient strategy when it comes to realizing this goal. The profit margins on the sale of a single product are often too narrow for the effort you invested in setting up your online business. However, through the successful execution of the Boomerang Campaign followed by the One-click up-sell strategy you can substantially enhance Read more [...] Read More »

10 Essential Strategies For Blogging Success


10 Essentials For Blogging Success ~ If you are thinking about blogging, I am going to share ten strategies with you to help you rank higher and get more traffic. These are ten essential elements you should have supporting your blog for results: 1. Link Authorship to Google+ Profile 2. Bluehost 3. Protect Your Blog 4. Collect Emails 5. Brand Yourself With Banners and Images 6. Install Tools That Connect With Social Platforms 7. Submit To RSS Feed Directories 8. No Follow Your Privacy Page 9. Read more [...] Read More »

Email Writing – How to Communicate With Your Email List

How To Build An Email List

Email Writing And Structure The most prevalent issue that has pervaded the online marketing community is the unresponsiveness of email lists. When you send an email to your list, there is a portion of your list that will open your email advertisement. For beginners this rate is about 20 percent. But if you utilize the right communication techniques and tone to advertise to your ideal customer, you will inherently increase this rate and ultimately make higher sales. Before you embark on creating Read more [...] Read More »

The Importance of Collecting and Building a Big Email List

How To Build An Email List

Why You Need An Email List ~ An email list is the fundamental and most essential asset for any online business. By building an email list, you are inadvertently laying the foundation for a profitable and sustainable business in the online marketing industry. However, a majority of online businesses often get their fundamentals wrong. Rather than focusing on the collection and building of an email list, they place an unwarranted precedence on traffic generation. This is contrary to the popular Read more [...] Read More »

The Purpose Of Getting Ranked On Google

Google Rankings

Getting Ranked On Google ~ A spot on the first page of Google has become the Holy Grail for a vast majority of webpage owners. But in consideration of the millions of websites on the internet space, this dream and quest is far from realized. To rank of the first page of Google requires a significant investment of time, capital, efforts and resources and the creation of a compelling website that will entice users into first visiting your webpage and then keep them coming back for more. It does Read more [...] Read More »

5 Steps To Making Money With Your Idea Online

How To Make Money Online

Where To Start When You Have An Idea And Are Thinking On Making Money Online How do I make money? Where to start? What do I do first? These questions are always the biggest road block for people when trying to make money with their great ideas. In fact 90% of people will never know if their idea can make money because they just don't know where to begin. Here is a quick checklist to help you determine whether or not your idea or product has a chance for fame and fortune before spending a single Read more [...] Read More »

What Is Google Panda And Penguin

Google Panda And Penguin

To say that the Google Panda and Penguin updates have taken the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry by storm would be a massive understatement. Infamous as they are portrayed to be by the SEO industry, they were implemented with the view of improving the web browsing experience of Google's search engine users. They accomplish this through the implementation of an algorithm utilizing several advanced filters that identify sites providing spun or extraneous articles. Accordingly, such Read more [...] Read More »

Why You Need A Big Email List In Order To Make Big $$$ Online

email marketing

Why It Is Important For You To Build An Email List ~ Online success takes more than one strategy. You need to learn how to generate traffic. After you do that, you need to monetize your site. Then you need to create a large audience base. The most important aspect of all of this is creating a large audience. To do this, you need to collect emails and build a large email list. The big online gurus have lists of over a million subscribers. Gurus make the majority of their money online Read more [...] Read More »

Why You Should Use Press Releases

Press Releases

Press releases have been in existence for decades. Yet, they're significance is realized to a greater extent in today's age of internet marketing more than ever. Compared to the myriad of tools and strategies available to marketers, press releases are often their go to technique that guarantees them quick and effective results. What online businesses are not aware of, but one that large corporations have exploited time after time is the concept of free publicity. And a well written press release Read more [...] Read More »

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