Overcoming the Brain Driven Barriers of Online Buyers
Overcoming the Brain Driven Barriers of Online Buyers

Overcoming the Brain Driven Barriers of Online Buyers

Sometimes it’s a minor speed bump and other times it’s a set of spike strips derailing your potential consumer from purchasing your product. Before you even know it, the brain barriers that consumers have when buying online have kicked in and they have their (virtual) wallet put away and are on to the next site.

How many times have you been looking for something online, done the research on it, compared products and sometimes even had an item in your online shopping cart and ended up not buying it?

If you’re like the majority of other online purchasers, chances are this is a frequent occurrence.

So here are the basic potential reasons why so many of us are online purchase abandoners and how to overcome them and turn your blog into a money making business by breaking down the barriers of online buyers.

BARRIER: Not knowing EXACTLY what they’re getting.Many of us are tactile individuals. We like to see, feel and know exactly what it is we are buying. For online purchases, this makes it a little more difficult and especially if it isn’t a tangible product to begin with.

BARRIER BREAKER: Take the time to thoroughly explain in detail the product attributes and qualities. Then have your 10 year old niece or nephew read them and see if they understand. Most products do not speak for themselves. Online descriptions of items need to be detailed enough to definitively persuade them to purchase the item. A video or other multimedia content is also a great way to showcase the qualities of your product in a video.

BARRIER: Delivery costs and delivery times. Purchasing online is made to be a convenience to people and many times the delivery aspect of an online order can negate all the positive benefits. Difficulty of scheduling delivery, slow deliveries and delivery fees are huge barriers for people making online purchases. Take a look at some of the most successful online companies *cough* Amazon *cough* and notice how simple, quick and cost effective their online ordering systems are.

Another very important thing to not overlook is the possibility for returns and how easily your customers are able to do so. With any amount of uncertainty in a purchase, the buyer will be concerned about a return policy. Leaving the house to mail back returns can also be a big reason that many consumers stated was keeping them from shopping online.

BARRIER BREAKER: If possible, incorporate the shipping into the cost of the product so it isn’t even a factor in the buying process. If that is not possible, give the buyer may options for delivery with costs and speeds. Include a guarantee for free return shipping if the product is not up to their standards. 99% of the time, if you have a sound product, this isn’t even an issue but still gives the buyer the peace of mind to make the purchase.

BARRIER: They don’t think the product can work for them or if they can’t see themselves using it right away.

BARRIER BREAKER: Part of this can be linked back to identifying the right buying audience and targeting your niche market to know exactly what they need and how your product solves the problem for them. Aside from that, you need to in every way possible, customize the product and personalize the sale. Even though it’s an online sale, you can give information specific for each buyer and give them their own sales pitch to match their exact needs.

BARRIER: A lack of trust or confidence in the website or product. You know your product is great and you have a legitimate company that will help your customers but with so many scams online, consumers are predisposed to not trust what they see online.

BARRIER BREAKER: There are two parts to this barrier. The first is very easy to overcome. Use trusted online icons that buyers recognize. PayPal, and verified credit card sources along with Verisgn and BBB badges are great to have. The easiest thing to do overcome the second half of this barrier is to publish reviews of your product online. This can be done by setting up a Google+ page, Facebook page and encouraging reviews on there or simply asking your previous customers for reviews and publishing those directly on your site.

The most important thing to remember is to NEVER push people to buy. Educate them on the product and what it can do to help them. And always get them to answer the question:

How can they better their lives with your product or service?

Your Turn:
Personally, what barriers have you experienced when making an online purchase? Do those barriers change based on the product or service you’re buying?

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