How To Outsource Your Content Writing

How To Outsource Your Content Writing

The Benefits Of Outsourcing

If you are a rapidly growing online business, outsourcing your content writing is the most sensible thing to do. Not only does it save you a ton of money on the financial front, it also increases employee efficiency and work output. Instead of personally writing the content for your business or asking an employee to do it, hiring a freelancer through the multitude of freelancer sites on the internet will get the job done professionally at an economical rate

One of the basic rules of business is to stick to your core-competencies and leave the rest to the professionals. As a business owner, your core competency is growing your business and realizing optimum profits. Any task that does not encompass this attribute is considered to be a non-productive hassle.
Outsourcing forms a major component of operations for small and large businesses experiencing robust growth. It is a contractual agreement between two companies wherein one company hires the services of an industry specialist to carry out tasks that would have been otherwise performed by in-house staff.

Why should you outsource?

Often accomplished by an individual who has no affiliation to your business, the outsourced activity is tackled at a relatively lower cost by comparatively more proficient professionals. A major activity that has been consistently outsourced is content writing. Due to the competitive nature of the online business world, it is essential for the content on your website to be exceptionally written, keeping the target audience in mind. A professional content writer is the person to go to when such a need arises. But a small online business cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on content creation. What do you do then?

Hiring Freelancers to get the job done

Websites such as and are great places to find professional content writers with years of experience. Depending on your needs and preferences, the freelancer will tailor his style of writing to address the target audience. Furthermore, the cost of hiring a freelancer with such a high level of versatility and professionalism is only a fraction of the opportunity cost incurred if you had taken content writing upon yourself. Although financial advantage does play a major role in the outsourcing decision, increased efficiency and a reduction in overhead are also major determinants on the decision of outsourcing your content writing online.

School of Internet Marketing

Additionally, outsourcing your content writing online does not place any limitations on the amount of unique content that can be created for your website. With writers coming from all walks of life, you are guaranteed of unique and appealing perspectives in your content. Readers and visitors to your website will fancy content with such variety and depth, thus boosting your website’s online appeal and contributing to its crawl up the organic search rankings.

Caution must be taken

Outsourcing your content writing to a freelancer has its own pitfalls and business owners must be extremely cautious of these. Plagiarism can have a detrimental effect on your website and business, as Google blacklists sites that contain plagiarised content. Therefore, extreme measures have to be taken to avoid receiving plagiarised content from the freelancer. Plagiarism detection softwares such as Copyscape and turnitin have been used extensively to avoid copyright infringements. Before hiring a freelancer, it is vital to determine his or her credibility and proficiency to considerably reduce the risk associated with content creation.

Outsourcing your content writing is a necessity to realize potential business growth. Efficient handling of your written tasks by seasoned professionals at a relatively low cost is a service that you would not want to give up on. As such, the earlier you start outsourcing, the further you are towards fulfilling your corporate dream of turning a small business into successful large scale venture.

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