Move Over Hunger Games Here Comes The Internet Games !

Move Over Hunger Games Here Comes The Internet Games !

In my one-on-one sessions, I talk with people about how they can create rock-solid business goals and take their dreams to the next level.

I teach both the basics and advanced techniques to potential bloggers, showing them a system that has both worked for me and countless others.

There are still a lot of skeptics: those who inherently believe that their own success is merely a lottery – like the choices of tributes of tributes (contestants) for The Hunger Games.

The Internet Games are Not Rigged

In The Hunger Games, you are not only contending with the other competitors, you are also fighting with the Arena itself. The people who run the Arena will do everything within their power to kill the participants and make them fail.

I can only assume that this is to make it more entertaining and more distracting for the people watching.

On the Internet, there is no control room where people are actively plotting your demise. Most of the time, the Internet itself will be indifferent to your success or failure. The trick is to find a successful blogging system which works, learn all you can, and carve out your own success.

There are Multiple Winners

Many new business owners believe that the business world is much like sports: there can be only one winner. In the Internet Games, there are multiple winners. There is not just one person making money from the niche of making money blogging, weight loss, personal development, or any of the other popular niches.

There are thousands of stories about how people have made thousands of dollars on the Internet within their niche.

People will read more than one thing in a day. They will purchase more than one book, one system, one piece of music, and more. That means that there is enough room for everyone within the field and that there can be multiple winners of the Internet Games.

Collaboration, not Competition

When I first started in Internet marketing, I thought that I needed to be at the top of the heap to really be a success. After studying and learning about the Internet Games, I realized that the truly successful people were aligning themselves with other successful people.

They were selling each other’s products, creating revolutionary alliances, and each becoming more successful than they would have on their own.

Look at the others in your field and see if there are opportunities where you and the others can share information and ideas. Through that collaboration, you might invent a product which is out of this world, create a brand new system, or make something which propels your own success one level higher.

After all, if there can be other winners, why not bring your friends with you?

While The Hunger Games was an excellent movie, the rules of the Games are simply too convoluted and the penalties are too strict for me to consider them. Give me the Internet Games instead.

Your Turn

What are biggest success or frustrations when trying to make money online ? Please share your stories, strategies and questions in the comment section below.

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