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What Media Major Placement Does…

Click Here To Get Your Media Citations

Here’s How It Works…

Media citations have been used as a vital part of marketing for decades. In industries like publishing, press releases have always been at the core of an author’s strategy to “get noticed” and that’s still the case today.



The internet has made it possible for anyone to get these media citations providing they have the right know how and yes, we have that know how.

Think of it as an “old fashioned” premise that’s been adapted for the internet era.

PR agencies that work with some of the largest companies in the world spend hours and hours doing this kind of work every single week – here, you’re getting exactly the same kind of service.

  • You submit your “quote” to us
  • We submit your “quote” to the media for you
  • We publish them on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and more
  • We send you the 100% real, working links
  • You use your new found “fame” in your branding

100% LEGAL. 100% ETHICAL.


The Benefits Are Endless…

Major Media Placement REMOVES The #1 Obstacle Between You & The Sale”

If they’re not buying from you – it’s usually because they don’t trust you.

How you market yourself, the cost of your services and how badly your prospects need what you’re selling also play a part but these factors don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as the trust factor.

When you’re the perceived authority in your industry, in your locale, you have ALL the power.

Your target audience may look at the competition but time and time again, they’ll come to the same, formulaic decision that it’s better to try the best, before they try the rest.

From the moment you add your “As Seen On…” logo to your marketing, you’ll be attracting those long term, free spending clients/patients that you LOVE to have.

“Are You Even Aware Of The Power That Lies In

Social Proof?”

Since the dawn of time, social proof has played a serious part in how and where money changes hands.

Back in the “dark ages”, word of mouth sales contributed heavily towards a companies success and their reputation amongst the local community dictated how successful they’d be.

In the 21st century, this still exists only now, it’s more important than ever.

Whether you like it or not, you’re being judged by every prospective buyer on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

People Google you. Google your company and do their “due diligence” before they part with their hard earned money.

Your “Social” presence serves as your online reputation and when you utilize our Major Media Placement service, you emphatically position yourself as a cut above the rest.

When prospects see that you’re not only alive and kicking on websites that are considered “gospel”, but also associated with famous, national media – they’ll need no second invitation to take money making action.

Imagine What Your Prospects Will Think When…”

They see your face, your company, your logo has been featured in world famous media.

They’ll immediately be impressed.

They’ll immediately be hooked in.

And they’ll be forced to sit up and take notice of you and/or your offer.

When you use these media citations in your advertising, you don’t even have to increase your advertising spend to bring in more business.

(Of course if you did increase your advertising spend, you’d still see far more fruitful results).

When all is said and done, this is a conversion strategy. It’s a way to turn more leads into sales and it’s a way that will lead you to closing more business than ever before.

Why spend a dollar more on advertising until you know you’re getting the maximum return on your investments?

“Goodbye Competition. Hello Unfair Advantage

In the fiercely competitive world of local commerce, every little advantage counts and BIG advantages?

They’ll pay dividends for years.

Being seen as a quoted expert that’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox is a timeless edge that will work wonders every year you’re in business.

When your prospects are looking at you and the competition, they’ll be looking for a stand out reason to choose you so let’s give them one.

Make your competition pale in comparison and demand your prospects sit up, take notice and make the only buying decision that makes sense.

“Open Up A Wealth Of New Media Opportunities

From the moment you’re considered a real authority in your field, you’ll open the doors to a whole host of new media opportunities.

You’ll no longer be seen as a risk and with that, you massively increase your chances of getting more media coverage and that means even more EXPOSURE.

Right now, the media doesn’t deem you as an expert. In fact, they don’t deem you as “anybody” at all and because of that, you stand virtually no chance of being asked to comment on TV, radio, articles, interviews etc.

They’re looking for people who they can rely on – people who already use media citations.

Being featured on major media can lead to more major media and this kind of coverage can prove priceless to you and your business.

Book deals, interviews, paid speaking gigs and many more lucrative deals can become available to you when you have the right media credentials.

“For A Low, One Time Fee, You Can Use These EVERYWHERE”

(And You’ll Want To As They’re Mightily POWERFUL)





Offline Ads
Newspapers / Mag / Flyers


Facebook Profile



Twitter Profile





Business Cards



Remember – This Is NOT…”

  • A way to flood your site with traffic
  • An SEO, PPC marketing strategy
  • A “magic bullet” that will convert every lead into a sale
  • Getting you on the front pages of the “Big 4”
  • Making you a celebrity overnight

This is a conversion strategy that rockets your chances of drawing in new, lucrative business.

“Let’s Talk About The Cost…

Not having a presence in major media is currently costing you a small fortune. No doubt about that.

Every time a prospect leaves your site and falls into the arms of a competitor, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars that you could just as easily be collecting.

Think about it…

Even if you’re missing out on just one client/patient a week because you don’t provide that instant credibility that makes you stand out from the crowd, you’re making life difficult for yourself.

You can walk away today and spend hours and hours of precious time trying to get yourself these media citations or you can pay us a small, one time fee and get…

  • EVERYTHING Done For You
  • Guaranteed Media Placements On NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX
  • Real, Working Links To Your Citations
  • Delivered In 15 Days or Less

So ask yourself…

Would you like to dramatically boost your odds of turning new leads into long standing clients/patients?

Would you like to make more money from the exposure you work tirelessly to generate?

Would you like to be seen as the market leader and cement your trust and authority?

And then make the decision that ALL smart, savvy business people make when they visit this page…

Click Here To Get Your Media Citations

guarantee copy

2 Payments of $297

Best Value $497

Make the investment now and know that you’re just days away from having the most effective

conversion pushing, competition killing asset in the palm of your hands…

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

q0How Does This Work?

It works in a similar way to press releases. We post content relating to you and your business on network sites owned or affiliated by ABC, CBS, Fox & NBC and more.Once they’re published, you’re free to use “As Seen On…” in your branding.

q0Is This Legal?

YES! Absolutely. The links are 100% REAL and you’ll be able to see your quotes on these websites for yourself. This is exactly how BIG names get cited.

q0Is This Ethical Though?

Again, YES! Big businesses have been using social proof like this for decades but until now, it’s been difficult for small/medium sized businesses to use the same conversion strategy.

q0What Happens If You Can’t Get Us Featured On These Sites?

We GUARANTEE that you’ll be featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox. No ifs. No buts. No maybes. When you place your order – you’re on those sites in 15 days or less.

q0Will I Be Able To Prove I’m On These Sites?

Yes, we’ll send you links that you can send to anyone who doesn’t believe you’re the quoted expert that you genuinely are.

q0Can’t My Competitors Just Get This & Render It Less Valuable?

This isn’t a here today, gone tomorrow strategy. Nor is it something your competitors can easily copy.

Of course there’s an outside chance they’ll arrive at this site but even then, they’d have to be savvy enough to make the investment and that’s so unlikely, you don’t need to worry about saturation or losing your advantage any time soon.

q0What Results Can I Expect?

Every business is different and a lot depends on how you use your media citations and where you use them so there’s no such thing as “typical results”. Just know that here, you’re getting something that makes your prospects far more likely to choose you and that in itself will be enough for you to see that this was a very smart investment.

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