Making Thousands Of Dollars In A Weekend Using A Product Launch Funnel

Making Thousands Of Dollars In A Weekend Using A Product Launch Funnel

Professional bloggers run their blogs like businesses, and every online business needs to have a good product that it’s selling. That product can be something you created (like the Profit Blogging Blueprint) or an affiliate product (5 secrets to affiliate marketing), but there needs to be something there for your visitors to purchase. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels.

Simply putting a link in your blog to the product isn’t going to generate the attention that you want. Only a small percentage of people will see your product, and they won’t be particularly excited about the product that you’ve created. Instead, you want to create a product launch funnel.

What is a product launch funnel?

A product launch funnel is a plan of attack for a product that you’re planning on introducing to the market. Usually, it consists of three phases:

Pre-launch: This is where interest and anticipation are being generated for the product that you’re going to launch. Maybe you’ve got an autoresponder sequence for your mailing list. Perhaps there are videos that highlight the product’s features. Think about what you can do to heighten the appetite your customers have for your product.

Launch: You’ve brought your product to market for a limited time. Since it’s a digital product, there’s always the chance that it will be taken off the market. If you’ve created the proper sequence, most of your sales will be completed within the first two weeks, so you can safely end your sale at that time.

Post-launch: This is the assessment period where you look at the places where you can strengthen your model. Let’s say that you didn’t get enough sales from your Facebook contingent. How would you bolster up those numbers for the next time? Since you can create these product launches at any time, you can supercharge your content for the next time.

One of the most valuable lessons that I learned while creating product launch sales funnels is that the product doesn’t necessarily need to be complete while you are at the beginning of your funnel.

You don’t have to have the product created, but you have to have the sales funnel planned for the product.

Why is this good?

• You can ask for feedback on your product even before it is launched. More feedback makes for a better product.

• You can reward your best customers with mentions in the product that you’re launching, offering them the opportunity to push their involvement with you to the next monetary level.

Where do you start?

Start with a simple series of questions from where you can develop your product launch sales funnel.

• What is my product?
• How much am I selling my product for?
• What will my product do?
• How long is this launch window?
• How long is my pre-sale period?
• Am I doing this alone or with my affiliates?
• Who will benefit from my product?

Having all of these questions asked and answered will give you a better idea of how you can sell your product. The primary question that needs to be answered is about your targeted demographic.

Who is your target audience for this product?

It may be a small subset of the target audience for your blog. Remember that the better that you target the audience, the more sales that you’re likely to make. 90% of bloggers fail to make money because of this.

Create the email campaign around the targeted demographic.

Usually, I like to talk about the upcoming launch over a few separate emails that I send to my gigantic email list.

Three weeks out – The first email – The first email is designed to be a teaser email about what you’re going to be launching. In fact, to generate curiosity, what you can do is be talking about something else, but include the tease for your product in a PS.

Two weeks out – The second email – Get a little more firm about the product, tease it just a little more, giving a bit of light about what they can expect in it. Let’s say that your base wants to make money blogging – in your email, talk about how with this upcoming thing that they can make even more.

One week out – The third email – Still no sales offer, but use this email to mention that it’s a limited time offer and generate some social interest in it by talking about the testimonials that you’ve received from the beta testers. By this time, the product should actually be finished and ready to go.

On the last email, send them to an opt-in page that they can opt-in to a separate email list that talks specifically about the product which is being launched. Remind the customers that it’s going to be a limited time, and that you’re going to give them a sneak peek of something within the product that’s already been created.

Do this a couple more times within the week. I usually go with having three videos and three separate opportunities to opt-into the separate launch mailing list.

During the process, give your customers the feeling that they’re part of the process and that they’re doing something in return for you. Ask them to tweet and become involved, giving them the opportunity for higher and higher levels of engagement. By the time that you launch the product, they’re be eager for what you have.

Use your social channels to create anticipation and fervor. If you run a LinkedIn group, this makes a great time to talk to those people there. If you have a Facebook page, talk with those people. Everyone within your circle should know about the launch by the time that you press the start button.

To create the perfect sales funnel, you need to be fond of testing and retesting. Make sure that all of the links work. Make sure that you’ve gotten your lead captures in place.

Make sure that you take notes during the process so that you can correct it for the next launch.

Your Turn

How was your last product launch? What did your perfect sales funnel look like? Did you learn some lessons from it? I’d love to know.


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