Make Money Blogging with Buddha, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga

Make Money Blogging with Buddha, Bill Gates, and Lady Gaga

You’re probably wondering what these three have in common. More than you think, actually. But, really, you’re probably also thinking, ‘how can I make money blogging with them? What lessons about blogging can they teach me?’


Once they had their life’s goals, these three individuals worked toward them with a focused passion. The Buddha saw that there could be an end to suffering, and he sought to eliminate it from our daily lives. Lady Gaga brings inspiration through her music, assuring and empowering today’s youth to stand up for themselves. Bill Gates strives to make the world a better place through computers and through the elimination of poverty.

By taking that initiative and being persistence with your goal of making money blogging, you are pushing the plot of your personal story along. You are taking control of your own strengths to bring a valuable message to the world. Make that promise to yourself that you will work toward your goal for at least a few minutes every day.


Persistence and consistency go hand in hand. Persistence means that once they found what their life’s work was, they kept producing. Consistency, in this case, means that the messages that they produce are consistent with their previous messages. They are creating (or have created) niches for themselves where their ‘name’ brand sets up certain expectations. Put another way, because of what they’ve done, you generally know what you are going to get when you think of the Buddha, Lady Gaga, or Bill Gates.

Taking that lesson into your own efforts to make money blogging, you are going to be better off sticking with one thing rather than jumping all around. So, if you’ve established your blog in the making money blogging niche and you suddenly talk about model cars (with nothing to connect it to the niche that you’re in), it would be like Lady Gaga becoming a welder or Bill Gates taking up soccer. It’s that consistent message that builds trust. Ask yourself with each post how your current post relates to the previous ones.


While it might appear that there’s no rhyme or reason to some success, there was a system put in place to help these three reach their goals. They planned out their destinies one step at a time, with each step designed to get them further to their goals. What’s more, they execute their plans of moving forward by being persistent and consistent. A little bit of thought goes a long way, and these three are some of the best at planning out their moves.

I’ve got a blueprint to make money blogging, one that I’ve had great success with, but I know that there’s also a great reward in coming up with your own way. You want to put all the pieces in place, yourself. Through the study of these three people, I’ve discovered the importance of having a system in the first place. It really does make things easier.

Your Turn

Do you have your system in place? Are you persistent and consistent with your message? Do you need any help getting there? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments.


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