Justin Bieber’s Email Marketing Tips

Justin Bieber’s Email Marketing Tips

Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot lately. Every news outlet seems to be carrying his mug shot as the feature story. His mug shot is a LOT better than some of the others that I’ve seen out there, to be sure.

For those of you who have not heard of Justin Bieber, here’s the quick and short version. He was discovered through a series of Internet videos and rapidly came to the forefront as one of America’s sweethearts.

He was the pure little kid who had an excellent voice.

He’d developed an amazing brand, and parents came out of the woodwork to praise him and tell him that they wanted their children to grow up just like him. At some point, he decided to change his brand, and he started promoting more of a bad boy image.

People have left him in droves because of the change. The DUI arrest and the fallout from that are just the latest in a string of incidents involving him.

Now what does this have to do with creating a blog business? We started thinking about this news story, and realized that the Bieber brand, or any celebrity brand, is very similar to email marketing.

The money that a celebrity makes depends on many factors, but one of the major ones is their public image. An email marketer with a tarnished reputation is nothing more than a spammer, and only the gullible will give a spammer the time of day.

However, a properly cultivated and maintained email presence is like having a personal ATM. There are theoretically no limits to the riches that a quality list will yield, so long as you still provide value to the members and the image that they’re looking for.

That image is what Justin Bieber has changed with these recent incidents. He may very well attract a new audience from his antics, but if reports are correct he’s losing people rapidly.

To put it into email marketing terms, he had a very awesome “list” made of millions of fans. Now, they’re opting out. Building an unstoppable list is just part of the equation. You have to be able to KEEP that list coming back to you if it’s going to generate money in the long term.

1. Be 90% Consistent

Justin’s audience came to expect a certain boyish charm from him. They came to expect an attitude. Those fans are becoming highly disappointed because he’s not been delivering on those expectations.

A similar thing has happened with Miley Cyrus, who you may remember from a few months back.

People still like a little change-up now and again. It’s those little surprises which keep people coming back. But a radical reinvention, or a social misstep, can send you back to square one.

When you set up your email list, your customers should have a clear expectation of how often you’ll be contacting them. You can veer from the plan every once in a while, but if things change too much you may lose members.

2. Provide excellent work

Justin Bieber’s marketing representatives and agents know that Justin needs to produce excellent work. Even if he goes off the beaten path every once in a while, his music still has to hit the mark and satisfy his demographic.

Unfortunately for music celebrities with public lives, their music quality is inextricably linked with their image. With his arrest, that excellence is now in question.

Your audience is expecting you to put your best effort and face forward.

They’ve given you their information; it’s your turn to provide value.

Even if you do not hit the mark, the work that you produce should still be your best work. Click here for more information about how to design the perfect audience.

3. Let Your Product Sell Itself Most of the Time

There is a balance which has to be met for effective email marketing.

Push your product too much or the wrong way and they leave. Push it too little and they’ll stick around until the value runs out. Many consider this sweet spot to be around 75% value actions and 25% sales actions.

If Justin Bieber had quietly developed a more radical persona while still providing new music, he may have had a better transition. Instead, his actions have forced a new branding onto his product in a way that’s detrimental to his current fan base.

Now, he’s lost control of his branding for the foreseeable future.

Your Turn

Have you created an email list over 10K people? Are you just experimenting with your email list? Tell me in the comments about what you do to keep your true believers.


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