The Importance Of Getting Blog Feedbacks
The Importance Of Getting Blog Feedbacks

The Importance Of Getting Blog Feedbacks

Blogging is much like stand-up comedy. Comedians hone and target their routines to the crowd that they have in front of them, often changing on the fly to accommodate certain crowds. They’re trying to get the most response from the crowd, whether it be good or bad.

Indifference is the killer.

When you’re blogging as a business, you want responses from your readers, whether good or bad.

Webmasters are constantly bombarded by spammers. These spammers find whatever you are posting and give you absolutely inane feedback. For instance, I have written posts about email lists and received spam about Ugg boots.

Anybody who has been blogging as a business for any length of time has received these types of spam messages.

When I received my first real comment from a real person, I was pleased. It was an amazing feeling, because I knew that someone was paying attention to what I was writing. The best part about it was that this person asked me a question, one that I could answer on my own blog.

My response to him might have been overenthusiastic, but I didn’t care.

Feedback on other people’s sites

A lot of online marketers forget the value of leaving feedback on other people’s sites. What will happen is that people will see that the feedback takes up too much time and that any time spent in talking with other people is wasted.

I see not leaving feedback as a wasted opportunity and leaving money on the table.

When you leave feedback on other people’s sites, you are opening the doors of communication to your peers. Most of the great leaps of progress have been made when people get together and talk about the issues and the needs of the day.

That feedback that you leave might give everyone the opportunity to prosper.

I’ve ended up in some great joint ventures as a result of commenting on people’s sites. Those few comments brought attention to me from the site’s owner, and they opened the door to exclusive deals that I might not have otherwise had access to.

Talking to people makes great things happen.

Feedback on your site

Demonstrates that your site is active

There are a lot of people who don’t want to be first. They want their peers to test out the site, look at it, and discover it for them. Think about it: do you want to have the only car in a restaurant’s parking lot during dinner? No, you want others to be eating there.

Each comment shows that someone else is eating on the blog with you.

Raises the length of time on the page

If you have posted something strong and controversial with a lot of comments, your readers want to read the comments to see who else agrees or disagrees with you. They will stay on your pages for a longer length of time, reading that feedback and potentially forming their own opinion.

Signals relevance to Google

Because people are talking on your site about something that you said, you are receiving social signals. Those social signals are important to Google’s algorithm in determining whether your site is relevant to particular keywords.

In other words, when people talk and interact, they are helping your ranking in the search engines.

Increases your authority

When you interact with people on your own site, you are showing off your knowledge within the field. And, while the others who are reading may not interact, they are looking at the way that you respond and making their own judgments about you.

If you are kind, people will be more likely to talk about their own issues in your niche.

Boosts your income

I love feedback because it helps me figure out what you want. I look at the posts that you’re leaving the most comments on and try to write more of those types of posts.

If, for example, you were really interested in my program to expand your email lists, I would make sure to talk about that more. Generally, feedback gives direction.

Feedback gives direction. Direction generates feedback.

I’ve been able to create new products from your feedback. I’ve also been able to create a profit blogging blueprint from your feedback and your questions. Listening to your feedback has been incredibly profitable to me.

How do you get more feedback (or engagement) on your site?

Say something worthwhile

You’ve heard it before. I’ve talked about mediocre content in the past, but I don’t think that I mentioned how I thought that it was a blight. If you want people to talk back to you, say something that’s worth both your effort and theirs.

Say it with feeling, say it with passion, just say it. Your opinions and your knowledge are what set you apart from all of the other bloggers in your field.

Solicit opinions

Say that you want people to talk, reassure them that you won’t bite, and make sure that the spammers won’t drown out the message. Ask people what they think about something, come right out and lay it on the line. You want people’s opinions? Talk about wanting their opinions. (Yes, that means you… the one who’s reading THIS post)

Bribery always works

I see these types of blogger contests run all the time. If you respond with a comment to X post, you’re entered into a contest where you can receive a copy of my latest book / a widget / one on one time / something else of value. There are a lot of people out there who would frown at blatant bribery with contests, but it’s incredibly effective.

Your Turn

I want to hear your feedback about feedback. What techniques and ideas have you used to get people to talk with you? Are you one to use something like this ‘your turn’ idea? Are you more in your face about getting people to engage with you? Are you writing about stuff that’s so outlandish that people have to comment? Tell me in the comment section below.

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