What Is Pinterest And How to Use It to Succeed Online

What Is Pinterest And How to Use It to Succeed Online

How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pin-up board where users can share links to and photos of products that they love. It currently has around 10 million users and its daily users have increased by over 145% since the beginning of 2012. With nearly 12 million monthly unique visitors, how can it be used to succeed online?

How The Platform Works

To use the platform, you first need to install a “pin it” interface to your browser of choice. Once you come across something interesting that you want to share, you simply have to pin it to your board(s). The social media feature is that you can follow other boards or have people follow yours. Additionally, you can add comments, tag people, or “repin” to generate even more attention.

The best part about Pinterest is that you can link other social media accounts to it. By doing so, you can help drive traffic between platforms to expand your reach. Another way of becoming found is to ensure that you have your profile completely filled out and use SEO.

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*Tips For Using Pinterest

Before implementing new social media platforms to a social media marketing campaign, it is crucial to understand how it works so that you do not damage your business. When using the platform to engage with your audience and potentially gain more customers, here are some handy tips:

• Determine if the audience is right for you. Almost 97% of the platform users are female. If you do not have a product or service that will interest the demographic, you may want to look elsewhere. For example, if you are aiming for a male audience, Google+ has a much higher ratio.

• Rethink your website design. Pinterest is a very visual platform, so you need to have interesting layouts and pictures to compete. If your website is not much to look at, you may want to redesign it before focusing on this particular platform as a promotional tool.

• Consider your pinning ratio. To gain attention and create a following, it is recommended to do 8 non-related pins for every 1 company-related pin. By sharing other pins outside of your company, you will show that you are not self-centered and that you are interested in what others have to share. It is also important to “Like” and follow others to become part of the community.

• Don’t forget to use SEO. At the moment, Google does take links shared through Platform into ranking consideration, although this may change in the future. To take advantage of it, be sure to use SEO in your pins, but remember to always make it reader-friendly first.

• Create viral content. If you want to do well, it is highly recommended to focus on humor, memes, and inspirational posts. If you are especially handy, you should create infographics since they are highly favored.

By learning more about Pinterest you can find an alternative source of traffic to generate leads and sales and succeed online. If you would like to learn some more strategies on how explode Pinterests and get people clicking on pictures to your site click here.

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