How To Use LinkedIn And Get People To Follow You
How To Use LinkedIn And Get People To Follow You

How To Use LinkedIn And Get People To Follow You

How To Use LinkedIn

With over 135 million members, using LinkedIn as part of your social media marketing campaign is beneficial. Yet, like every other social media platform, you have to know how to use it and engage your followers to make it truly worth your time. With that in mind, here are 4 steps on how to use LinkedIn and get people to follow you:

1. Create Your Company Presence

The first thing you need to do is create a company presence, so here are some tips:

• Add your company information. When adding your company information, you will need to do a description, list your specialties, and so on. On your LinkedIn page, you can also create a cover image with a click-through link. While adding your company information, you will additionally need to assign admins.

• Improve your “Overview” and “Products & Services” tabs. To make your tabs stand out, you should add more resources for anyone visiting. LinkedIn allows you to add YouTube videos under your products and services, so if you have videos ready, you should definitely link them. Aside from your usual product offerings, you should also experiment with providing free content, such as white papers, eBooks, webinars, and so on. By generating engaging and high-quality content, it will be easier to attract attention and keep people returning for more.

• Collect recommendations. LinkedIn has a feature where products and services can be recommended. By collecting recommendations, you will make your presence more powerful. Having numerous recommendations by different companies and clients will also make you seem more trustworthy. To get more recommendations, you can ask existing customers, friends, vendors, or partners for assistance.

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2.Actively Seek Followers

It is believed that you need at least 100 to 200 followers in order to be able to engage the audience effectively. To get those followers (and more), here are more tips:

• Start by inviting people you know. For instance, a good starting place is to invite your friends, family, and coworkers. Once you have a few followers to help spread the word, you can further target customers and other professionals.

• Promote your LinkedIn page however you can. If you have a website, you should consider adding LinkedIn “Follow” links to attract more people to your business page. Additionally, the “Follow” links can also be added to emails. You may also want to promote your LinkedIn page across other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.

• Create more resources linking to your LinkedIn page. For example, you can run email campaigns, distribute business cards, create reports, and so on. To really get your name out there faster, you may want to consider initially doing all of this for free.

• Join groups. There are numerous groups available for you to join. It is recommended to join many groups, but focus your attention on a handful to best build your reputation. You should also run at least one group of your own. By meeting others through groups, you can pick up followers that have the same interests as you.

3. Keep Your Followers Engaged

Once you have your followers, it is important to keep them engaged so that you will gain a loyal audience. To help you keep their interest, here are some simple things you can do:

• Participate in discussions. The key to keeping people engage is to be active. Make sure you speak with others often to show that you are a consistent presence. However, just ensure that you discuss things with a purpose and avoid posting anything too generic or lacking in value.

• Share relevant information. As mentioned previously, quality content can keep people coming back for more. When engaging your followers, be sure to provide valuable resources. If you link people to content relevant to their interests that provide real value, you will gain their trust and keep them engaged. 24 hours after a post has been made, you can check under your “Page Insights” to see the reach and best determine what your followers like most.

• Provide clear instructions. If you want your followers to download resources or sign-up for newsletters, make it very clear. If you are straight to the point with your call-to-actions, you will see better results.

• Keep your updates short. Many people prefer short updates with links and images to keep them interested. It is also recommended to post at least once a day to provide a consistent presence.

4. Check your statistics regularly

You need to check your statistics regularly to ensure that you are on the right track. The items you need to take note of include:

• Engagement
• Follower demographics

With these 4 steps on how to use LinkedIn and get more people to follow you, becoming more profitable is within reach. And if you would like to get access to a blueprint on how to use LinkedIn to get more traffic and boost your revenues click here.

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