How To Monetize And Up Sell Your Email List

How To Monetize And Up Sell Your Email List

How To Make Money With Your Email List

As an online businessman, your ultimate goal is generating maximum profits. But selling one product at a time is not the most efficient strategy when it comes to realizing this goal. The profit margins on the sale of a single product are often too narrow for the effort you invested in setting up your online business. However, through the successful execution of the Boomerang Campaign followed by the One-click up-sell strategy you can substantially enhance the monetization of your email list and satiate all your needs and desires. Implemented by the most successful online entrepreneurs, these strategies are their well kept secret through which they have amassed substantial wealth in the field of online marketing. You too can achieve similar results and set-up your very own online business empire if you put these strategies into action into your email list and email sequence.

School of Internet Marketing

Once you have the convinced the prospect that your product will deliver the results that they innately desire, it is at this precise moment that their willingness to purchase your products is at the highest. Their purchase of the product is in fact a gesture of reciprocity and gratitude for helping them achieve the results they have so long craved for. This sense of reciprocity also makes them increasingly susceptible to the purchase of any additional product that you offer at that time.

By being subject to the Boomerang Campaign, your prospects will be instilled with the willingness to purchase from you. When this is accomplished, implement the One-click up sell strategy and take pleasure in the substantial revenue that is generated. These strategies are effective because they efficiently target the delicate but powerful buying emotion of positive expectancy. It is therefore imperative that you take sense this opportunity and implement the aforementioned strategies when this emotion is at its peak.

The Boomerang Campaign

Referred to as the most effective online marketing campaign for generating substantial profits, the Boomerang Campaign is an advanced marketing technique, when implemented into your email sequence will generate sizeable profits for your online business.

The Boomerang Campaign consists of a total of 4 video-blog posts. The first 3 videos should consist of pure content with no pitching whatsoever. But the 4th video consists of a goodwill pitch. If everything is executed properly, by the time the subscriber watches the 4th video, they will be inclined to purchase your product.

But the fundamental requirement for the success of this campaign is to find something that is important to your marketplace and show your target customers that it is possible for them to accomplish their goals. Through the first video of the Boomerang Campaign you should provide them with material that will improve their lives and help them fulfill their desires. After you release the first video to your email list, your subscribers will inherently leave comments on the blog because you have genuinely helped them. The social proof spontaneously generated by your subscribers also doubles up as marketing tool that showcases the genuineness and effectiveness of your offer.
The second and third videos are similar to the first one. But the fourth video takes the utmost precedence because it is through this video that you will be generating sales. A powerful subject line such as ‘I need your help’, will capitalize on the prospect’s feeling to reciprocate your actions. A sample email body is as follows;

‘I would like to thank you and everybody else for the kind emails and the nice comments for the blog videos that I have been giving you this past week. It was my pleasure to make them for you and I am sure you would do the same for me. I have a product and I would really like your feedback on it before I release it to the rest of the world. I would like you to check out the product for about a month and give me feedback. If you like it, I will bill you the amount next month. If you do not like it, I won’t bill you at all. Thanks again.

Since you have provided value to your customer, they will naturally take up your offer. Additionally, the limited availability of the product makes them feel special. If you have any concerns on non-payment by subscribers, here is a fact for you. The Boomerang Campaign has an average conversion rate of 70%, about 3.5 folds the average in the internet marketing industry. The exceptionally high conversion rate is a consequence of targeting the innate human nature of reciprocity.

The One-click up sell Strategy

Now that you have convinced your prospect into purchasing your product, you want to sell as many add-ons as you can, to maximize your profits.

The One-click up sell strategy is only implemented when the subscriber purchases your initial offer. In your pitch email, you should introduce the add-on and outline its benefits to the subscribers. However, don’t just throw in an add-on for the sake of earning money. Make it logical and fit together. As such, most customers will go on to purchase the add-ons. Since the goodwill between you and the prospect is at its highest during this phase, you can back your offer with a guarantee; ‘If you do not like the product, I will not bill you. But I guarantee that you will love it.

An alternative to the aforementioned strategy is by offering your customers the liberty to make the payments via installments. Genuinely looking out for the customer’s needs and doing whatever you can to make their decision easier goes a long way in increasing the profitability of your online business.

Website such as can give online businesses the lucrative option of building a customizable one-click upsell website. The website is definitely worth the cost as it can be tweaked accordingly to appeal to prospects from different niches and age-groups.

The boomerang campaign is sufficient by itself in generating substantial income. However, when executed in tandem with the one-click upsell strategy, a fortune could be made. It is thus necessary for these two strategies to complement each other in appealing to the subscriber’s ‘positive expectancy’. Optimum monetization of your email list is thus possible, if you are able to successfully implement these strategies in your online business.

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