How To Generate Organic Traffic For Your Website

How To Generate Organic Traffic For Your Website

How To Get Free Organic Traffic ~

If you have a website and you want to potentially earn income through it, it is important to attract people in natural ways that Google most seem to like. For instance, Google tends to favor traffic that is built-up slowly over time and will often rank websites with such organic traffic as being more relevant in searches. Yet, to win Google’s favor, how can you generate organic traffic for your website?

1. Optimize For Search Engines.

It is important that you provide content that is search engine-friendly to get the best results whenever you run websites. However, it is also very important to remember to write for your audience first and then optimize later to provide the best value.

It is additionally handy to remember that everything you put out there is considered to be content. Whether you are writing eBooks or posting on a forum, you need to optimize. You should also do what you can to encourage other people to talk about your products or services because their comments further count as content.

2. Submit Content To Article Directories.

If you have great content, consistently submitting to article directories such as EzineArticles or GoArticles can help build backlinks. Although there are many different article directories to choose from, it is beneficial to only choose a few to consistently submit content to.

3. Submit PDFs of articles to different directories.

If you want to reach even more people with your articles, you can save them as PDFs and submit them to such websites as,, and more. Your articles will be available to others for reading and sharing, therefore generating even more backlinks and potential followers.

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4.Create Content On Pinterest.

Pinterest is a digital board where users can “pin” content that interests them. If you create relevant content that people are happy to share with others, you can generate more organic traffic for your website. However, with an audience consisting nearly entirely of women, you have to first decide if your product or service will be relevant to them.

5. Create YouTube Videos.

Creating YouTube videos is still one of the very best ways of generating organic traffic. If you have valuable content that can be turned into a video that is ideally less than 3 to 4 minutes long, you may attract more attention. You can even add links directly into the video, although be sure to include the links in the description as well.

6. Become An Active Presence On Various Social Media Platforms.

There are many social media platforms that you should have accounts for if you are interested in succeeding online. For instance, you will want to have accounts for:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Google+

Having a social media presence is another excellent way to generate organic traffic for your website. Through social media, you can post photos, videos, podcasts, surveys, website links, and more. You just have to make sure to provide quality content and be there for your followers to answer questions or resolve problems.

7. Look For Blogs That Allow Guest Posts.

If you want to reach even more people for your particular niche, writing guest blogs on other relevant websites is a great way of creating valuable backlinks and potentially snagging more followers. However, depending on the blogs you aim for, you may have to pay to write guest posts.

8. Create Your Own Blog.

Creating your own blog is an excellent way of attracting people and generating backlinks for your website. By creating a blog for your website, you can easily provide your audience with valuable content that will keep them coming back for more. Having plenty of high-quality content on your blog will also help you rank better in search engines.

9. Be An Active Presence On Relevant Forums.

Being an active forum member on forums relevant to your niche is not only a good way of generating backlinks and getting seen, but handy for networking. Depending on the forum rules, you may be able to include links in your signature that can help people find their way to your content without blatantly putting it out there and looking like a spammer.

10. Build Squidoo Lenses.

Squidoo is a website where you can create original content in the form of webpages designed to be focused on a single topic at a time. When using Squidoo, you can create content and link back to your website as another way of attracting people and generating backlinks. You can also build more backlinks by posting on the Squidoo forum.

To save them time and effort, many marketers build Squidoo lenses for new niches first to best see if the possible traffic is worth it. Building Squidoo lenses and tracking them can also help determine the best keywords to work with for attracting people.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to generate organic traffic for your website. Whether you choose to do them all on your own or outsource the work, providing quality content using these methods can help get your website noticed. If you want a faster way to generate traffic without being on Google or other search engines click here.


  1. A very splendid post Ivan,

    All these are really what a blogger should be doing in order to promote his blog and most of them works pretty well.

    But I don’t think its wise to start doing all at the same time, its better for a blogger to just pick up a few of these tips and implement it on his blog and then see how it goes.

    It should be all about testing. When you’ve tested a formula and it worked for you then, you simply rinse and repeat the process.

    Trying to implement all at once will only get you overwhelmed and confused.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, I am always a big fan of writing high quality content, which really helps increasing social traffic, if content is worth sharing and then, with some reputation,, the flow of natural backlinks comes in. Although a time consuming process, but a pure white hat method to gain organic traffic.

    What you say about this?

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