How To Easily Repurpose Your Content To A Video And Podcast

How To Easily Repurpose Your Content To A Video And Podcast

If you run a blog, especially for business, I’m sure that you feel the strain of consistently creating quality content some days more than others. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to create new content without breaking your brain over it.

For example, here are tips on how to easily repurpose your blog post to a video and podcast:

Learn About Different Types of Learners

When creating content for your blog, it is crucial that you create pieces that will appeal to four types of learners:

1. Visual learners

Visual learners rely on seeing and visualizing to absorb and utilize new information. They tend to be fast talkers and use language that evoke visual images. They also tend to be more impatient and likely to interrupt.

For visual learners, content that contains images and videos tend to do best.

2. Auditory learners

Auditory learners rely on listening and verbalizing to absorb and utilize new information. They tend to be natural listeners and generally speak more slowly. They also think in a linear way and prefer to have things verbally explained to them as opposed to relying on written information.

For auditory learners, content that depicts an organized conversation, such as podcasts, tend to do best.

3. Read-write learners

Read-write learners rely on written words to absorb and utilize new information. They tend to enjoy reading and writing in all of its forms, although especially prefer organized lists of ideas. For read-write learners, written content such as articles, eBooks, press releases, and more tend to do best.

4. Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic learners rely on solving real-life problems to absorb and utilize new information. They use all of their senses to engage in the learning experience and prefer hands-on approaches.

Since they rely a lot on trial and error, they tend to be the slowest learners. Hands-on demonstrations and case studies that can be discussed and solved tend to do best.

Look Back Through Old Posts to Make Anew

Once you are familiar with the above types of learners, it will be so much easier for you to create new pieces. All you have to do is go back through your old posts and ensure that each post is available in different formats so that all four types can benefit.

By ensuring that more people can benefit from your posts, you will gain a stronger following and potentially harness more buying power.

Use Quality Tools to Create and Host Quality Content

It is important to remember that creating more content will help you (most of the time) rank better in search engines. However, if you don’t take put the time and effort into creating quality pieces and hosting them properly, you can miss out on wonderful ranking opportunities.


I know that making videos can be a bit scary because most people believe Internet marketers to be more shy. However, creating quality videos, using programs such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements, and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, is a must.

Once you have your videos created from old blog posts, you can host them on YouTube with ease, and with some YouTube optimization strategies you can easily get the video ranked on Google as Google owns YouTube and they like ranking videos.

Also, don’t forget to create and upload a video transcript, caption and subtitles!


Although many people don’t like to see themselves on video, fewer still enjoy the sound of their own voices. I know myself that it can be rather cringeworthy. However, to attract auditory learners, you need to suck it up and create podcasts of old posts to generate new content.

You can easily record and edit audio pieces using programs such as Audacity, Hipcast, and Propaganda.

After you have recorded your podcasts, uploading them to iTunes is an excellent way of getting your message out to the masses. You can even simply add the audio to a slide presentation and upload it as a video to YouTube as well.

Written content

Written content is a must on any blog or website, and I very much consider it to be the backbone of content creation. When creating written pieces, you can use short blog posts, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and so much more to draw people and search engines in.

When creating written content, just remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. However, the pieces should be engaging, personal, and provide plenty of food for thought.

Also, always ensure that you stay away from such naughty black hat SEO practices as keyword stuffing, link schemes, and duplicate or spun content.

Consider Outsourcing Content Creation

Constantly creating original content can be a real pain, and especially if you are not experienced with, say, creating videos or podcasts.

Fortunately, if you want to save your sanity, you can spend a little bit of money to hire a freelancer.

There are many advantages for hiring freelancers to help you out with content creation for your blog. For example, outsourcing your work will leave your schedule free for handling other things.

Outsourcing your work will also allow you to get in touch with people more experienced in areas that you are not.

While you may be discouraged at first because of having to spend money to have content created, a good freelancer will easily enable you to make that money back.

When hiring a freelancer, you must keep the following points in mind:

• Look for reputable freelancers from websites such as eLance, Guru, and vWorker.
• Do not be afraid to ask for references or samples (many freelancers are happy to oblige).
• Clearly outline what you want from the project but allow the freelancer some wiggle room to create great content.
• Clearly set the deadline.
• Discuss the price for the project and payment terms upfront to avoid confusion and awkwardness.

By repurposing your blog post to a video and podcast, you can create even more content that people and search engines will love to sink their teeth into.

Your Turn

What methods do you use to repurpose your content, what are strategies for YouTube and iTunes. Share your stories, strategies and questions in the comment section below.

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