How To Create And Write Good Content

How To Create And Write Good Content

Content creation has assumed so much importance in the world of internet marketing that it has quickly become a hot-spot for individuals and businesses looking to tap into the vast revenues offered by this previously unfavoured industry. This has been compounded by the bleak economic outlook, which has led individuals to source out freelancing jobs to support themselves and their families. However, not everyone who enters this highly competitive market is destined for success. Creation of good content is an innate skill and requires a great deal of dedication and perseverance on the individual’s part. Here, I will provide with some techniques that have greatly aided me over the years in dramatically improving my writing prowess.

Good content is subjective. It depends on the individual who reads it. Remember back in high school, when you got a ‘C’ on an English paper that you thought was worth an ‘A’. Well, you might have been naive and immature back then, but the truth of the matter is that everything that has been ever written has its fair share of admirers and dissenters.
Even the most popular books are criticized by a sizable portion of the literary world. As such, when you set forth on your literary foray, it is essential to not get easily discouraged by scepticism and negative criticism. However, you can use it as a mental tool and not as a mind block because you can only get better.

Cultivate a reading habit

Read. Read. Read. I cannot emphasize how important it is to pick up a book or a newspaper and just digest the wide array of literary devices that are often overlooked by a vast majority of today’s population. If you don’t understand a word, pick up a dictionary and look up its meaning. Learn a minimum of 5 words daily and try to implement it in daily situations. At the end of the month, you will be surprised as to how much your written and verbal communication skills have actually improved.

Research your niche

Another often overlooked aspect when it comes to creating good content is immersing oneself in in-depth research. Conceptualization and brainstorming techniques, which fall under the broad umbrella of research, are implemented by professional writers before they connect pen and paper (or type on the keyboard).

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Know your target audience

Know you target audience before you commence writing. There is no point in writing a article catering to adolescent, written in the tone that would spur the interest in a middle aged businessman. Being versatile in your writing style and picking up a few pointers from the books and newspapers that you have read goes a long way in supplementing your writing etiquettes.

Write an outline

Writing an outline is helpful to most professionals who engage in creating content that is read by millions. It ostensibly helps in setting a flow and connects ideas, organizing the otherwise haphazard thoughts of a writer.
The aforementioned techniques are applicable to every individual who aspires to write or create useful content. Implementing the skills during the creation of content will invariably lead to a better dissertation. Combine all these techniques and a little bit of innovation and creativity in your writing and you have created a splendid piece of content that will attract more admirers than criticizers.

What good is a title?

A title is the most important and visible entity of an article. When a user searches for an article on an online database such as the internet, they usually type in a generic set of words related to the title. It is thus vital to include these ‘generic’ keywords in your titles to greatly enhance its visibility. When most individuals scour the vast resources available on a specific niche, they usually just browse the titles, as opposed to the content of the articles. Therefore, even though your article might be well researched and well written, it is to no avail if your title isn’t catchy enough. A concise and catchy title that emanates the essence of the article relative to what the user is searching efficiently captures the short attention span of the target audience.

Why should you definitely use a resource box?

A resource box, unknown to many is the ultimate marketing tool for your articles. Not only does it act as a business card, it also sets an effective foundation for your proficiencies and greatly enhances networking opportunities. As such, it has more benefits to it than you actually think. Go ahead and boast as much as you want, but keeping it simplistic and relevant is the most authentic way to increase targeted traffic.

A good resource box includes a brief description of your specialization and profession. It should also list down any major achievements that are relevant to the contents of the articles. This way, readers can actually better connect with your writing and give credit to your thoughts and ideas expressed in the article. However, do not bore the audience with a lengthy biography detailing every single one of your life’s achievements. The readers probably won’t even read it and is a waste of time and effort.

If you find that a certain resource box doesn’t click, you can always vary it and improvise it based on relevant feedback. There is no concrete formula to getting it right the first time. A time-tested resource box will invariably result in a higher click through ratio and an enhanced reputation in the virtual space.
As mentioned before, good content is subjective and requires a mastery of a wide array of literary techniques. In-depth research, getting to know your target audience and implementing a catchy title and an effective resource box will go a long way in helping your article and yourself gain that much needed visibility and will set you apart from the innumerable content creators in the global virtual world.

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