Are You Making Money In The Year Of The Horse ?

Are You Making Money In The Year Of The Horse ?

According to Chinese astrology, we are now in the year of the Horse.

Specifically, this is the year of the Wooden Horse. Some of the famous people born during the last Wooden Horse year were Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, and Denzel Washington.

The Horse symbolizes many things that are important to the Chinese, notably the effort to improve constantly. It is a very energetic and intelligent symbol. Some of the other traits are very applicable to business bloggers as a whole:

• Great communicators
• Love to be in the spotlight
• Eager to strive
• Dislike being constrained
• Strong endurance
• Flamboyant

Don’t all the great business bloggers out there have these qualities? However, there are two major downsides to being a born a horse. Horses are impatient and stubborn. If they get an idea of how things should go, they’ll run hard even if it doesn’t work.

Bad business blogs

Have you met a business blogger like this? Eager and hard-working, but unable to listen to anyone else’s advice or tools? This is a big mistake. One of the best pieces of business advice I can give is to study what other people are doing successfully, then learn it thoroughly and improve upon it.

The internet market is growing all the time, and it makes no sense not to build on the successes that other people have made. If I didn’t want people to be following my advice, I wouldn’t be putting it out here on this blog!

One of the big ways that a horse’s stubbornness can trip them up is using tools. There is a satisfaction in doing things yourself, true, but the speed of the internet moves too fast to reinvent the wheel with every blog. Sure, you could build a blog platform from scratch, but isn’t it easier just to install WordPress?

There’s no shame in using a tool that someone else made to help you out! In fact, let me introduce you to one of my favorite tools:

The list accelerator

Honestly, I have learned so much from using the tools from LeadPages. I have used them for four months now and have seen a massive boost to my conversions. One of my campaigns has grown to 400 conversions in two weeks.

Before I get into it, watch this video that John Chow and the CEO of LeadPages made. It’s about two hours, but I promise you it’s worth it. It details many tweaks to your pages that you can make right now to improve your conversions.

But what does LeadPages do exactly? Their entire business model is to help web entrepreneurs, like yourself, get more leads and make a larger business. They offer landing page templates for people to use that have been field tested. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

They have made it possible to automate many things that a business blogger had to do on their own. In fact, with LeadPages on your side, you’ll hardly ever have to touch a single line of code, unless you want to.

Conversion ease

At the heart of a money-making website is an email list. While you can make profits without one, the cash flow increases drastically when you can target the people who already like you. My list-building video series goes into more detail, but there’s something special that LeadPages does that no one else does.

When you sign up, you will have a big list of templates, but you can sort them by opt-in rate. No other company currently does this. LeadPages hosts their page code on their servers and sets up a redirect back to your web page. That lets them be able to measure conversion rates directly from your pages. They then use that data in their opt-in rankings.

You may be familiar with A/B testing. This is when you set up multiple landing pages for your site and run metrics on them to see which ones convert better. It’s time-consuming, difficult to set up, and confusing for new business bloggers. By using their opt-in measurements, you can cut some of that work out.

However, LeadPages also offers tools for people to perform their own A/B testing using their system! Some people do like to get their hands dirty with coding their own templates, and this is what they use to see if their ideas work.

LeadPages customers can also submit templates of their own to test against the proven pages. If they prove successful, they become available for download. Thus, only the best of the best are available to customers.

In fact, you could study their top ten converting lead pages and learn quite a lot just from that.


Another cool thing about LeadPages is how integrated their system is. The pages are specifically designed to integrate with WordPress, Facebook, or your own server seamlessly. Analytics are automatically built in. Domains are unlimited, as are languages. SEO fields are built in. Webinar features and email autoresponder connections are built in.

In short, all the background systems that might have scared or confused you are made simple and clear. I can develop an information product on my own time and then have it be ready for deployment within minutes across multiple domains.

Work smarter, not harder

With today’s tools, there’s no sense for you, the blogger, to be doing the heavy lifting of coding. You have enough to worry about with running the business and developing great sales copy.

In this Year of the Horse, your business should be running toward profitability, not corralled by having to figure all this stuff out from scratch. It’s okay to buy proven tools that work, and LeadPages is one that I highly recommend to all of my readers.

At the very least, take some time to watch the video I linked to earlier. It’s worth your time.

Your Turn

Have you tried to develop your own lead pages and failed? Have you tried for yourself? Tell me about it in the comments.


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