What Do Google, Sesame Street, And Lucille Ball Have In Common?

What Do Google, Sesame Street, And Lucille Ball Have In Common?

Finding the links between uncommon things is one of the signs of intelligence, and it makes for interesting blog headlines as well.

Can you guess what all three of these things have in common before reading further? Take a moment to make a guess.


In all three of these cases, they all had a far-off ideal that they wanted to achieve with their business. It was something deeper than money or prestige that kept them on course. It was a vision of how they wanted to see their life unfold in relation to their business.

Why is this important?

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that it’s absolutely vital to treat your blogging venture like a business. Treat it with the same respect and planning that you would treat a business, and your blogging efforts will be rewarded.

Here, we’re going to talk about having a ‘why’ for your blogging business and laying the necessary foundation for success and profits.

Having a vision for your business is like having a life preserver when the fortunes of business toss you about. It keeps you afloat when the money doesn’t come in as fast as you’d like, or at all. It also gives you the encouragement you need to float to a new pathway to success.

Lucille Ball had a very troubled childhood.

She wanted to receive praise and recognition and learned that she could get it from the stage.

However, drama teachers called her a failure at 15, and she bounced around many B movies before finally landing a radio stint. She took what she had learned and started developing the raw material for what would eventually become I Love Lucy, the role which cemented her place as one of the top female comedians of all time.

The drive to be something bigger than her roots and her earlier experiences kept her going through all the tough times. Do you have a similar reason for your blogging business? 2014 is the Year of the Blogger.

The time to start thinking about why you’re in business is now. Always remember that profit is a side-effect of a purpose getting fulfilled.

How do you find the why of your business?

This reason is sometimes called the “why” of a business. Let’s take a look at Sesame Street. At the time of its creation, there were no educational television shows targeted to preschool children.

The creators of the show wanted to harness the addictive qualities of television and do something good with it.

From that initial vision came a show that has been running for over 40 years. Through budget cuts, changing demographics, increased competition, and even the deaths of characters, the show is still as strong as ever because it knew that it was doing something important for children all around the world.

Can you imagine a world without Sesame Street?

Take a moment and think about what need your business is fulfilling for others and for yourself. Really take some time to think about it. Is your business fulfilling these needs? What could you do right now to orient yourself and your marketing towards those needs?

If you are having some trouble digging down to your reasons, especially if you’re struggling to come up with a business idea, here are two suggestions to try.

What are your triggers?

Sometimes a business comes into being because of a problem that you observe. Many hobbyists have gotten into soap and cosmetic businesses because commercial products irritated their skin. Let’s say that you get angry when you see your dog being very messy around his food bowl. You don’t like being angry, so you develop a product that dogs can be neater eaters.

Sesame Street (and Mr. Rogers too!) were triggered by an observation that television could be damaging to children. They took the medium and transformed it into a huge force for good.

What do you believe to be true?

Google started when two Stanford students decided that there must be a better way to categorize the growing amount of information on the

Internet than what was current at the time. Their thesis at Stanford laid out of the basics of the Pagerank algorithm that Google uses, but the only way they could test their theory was to build a search engine and put it out to the public.

Now, Google is a verb.

If you have a theory of how you could make something the world has never seen before, why not develop a way to present it to the world? If it is viable and you can get in front of enough people, you will find an audience.

Whether your purpose is a personal desire, a response to a problem, a belief to you can tackle a huge problem with a neat solution, or something else entirely take some time to find it. Make it your north star over the next year and see how far you can travel.

In the next blog post, we’re going to talk about research, education, and the 3 biggest mistakes that you can make as a blogger.

Your Turn

What is your purpose behind creating a blog? Please share your story and any questions you might have in the comment section below.

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