How to Create a Google Plus Platform

How to Create a Google Plus Platform

Google Plus Platform

With over 135 million active users, Google Plus is yet another way for people to connect with others. Even despite the numbers, many marketers still have doubts about how effective Google+ is for social media marketing campaigns. Yet, to strengthen your online presence and take advantage of even more reach, here are 5 tips on how to create a Google Plus platform:

1. Improve Your Profile

If you have ever had a Google product, a profile would have been created. However, many people are not even aware that such profiles exist. With Google+, your profile is thrust into the spotlight, so it is wise to add the necessary details to it to make you stand out. For instance, you should:

• Update your profile picture
• Create a catchy headline
• Add a professional bio

2. Share Your Google Plus Page

To get your name out there, it is helpful to add a link to your Google Plus page on various other platforms as well, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You should also add the page information to your websites or email signatures.

3. Import Your Contacts

If you have a lot of contacts in your email address book or on websites, such as LinkedIn, you can import the lists into Google+. This makes it very handy to keep track of people and avoid missing anyone important during the transition.

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4.Create Circles

Creating circles is a way of managing your group of contacts, similar to lists provided on Facebook and Twitter (although circles are typically much easier to manage). However, when creating circles, it is time to really think about what you want to achieve. For instance, it is recommended to have separate groups for friends, family, and business contacts. By separating people into groups, you will find it easier to send relevant information as needed.

5. Share Content

There are a few great features with Google Plus that allow you to engage and share content with members in your circles:

• Hangouts. Hangouts are essentially video chats that can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. They are useful for speaking with friends and family or for contacting business associates. It can also be used to give webinars or consultations to keep your contacts and clients engaged.

• Chat. Google+ has a “Chat” feature that allows people to see when you are online and chat with you. This is useful for keeping track of people and engaging your contacts.

• Sparks. Sparks allow you to find content relevant to your interests. Once you have the content, you can even share it with contacts in your circles by selecting “Share.” However, you can limit who gets to see the content by selecting particular circles to prevent spamming those that would not be interested.

As always, remember to sparingly use your content to prevent people from dismissing you as being a spammer. In most cases, it is recommended to share just a post a day during weekdays to encourage the most engagement from your audience.

With these 5 tips on how to create a Google Plus platform, you will be in a better position to be successful with your social media marketing campaign.

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