How Google Panda And Penguin Affect Your Website And Search Rankings

How Google Panda And Penguin Affect Your Website And Search Rankings

Google Panda And Penguin

With the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin, many marketers have negatively felt the impact, although there are those that have benefitted greatly as well. However, to avoid the penalty, it is important to learn about how Google Panda and Penguin affect your website and search rankings, and what you can do about it.

What Are Google Panda and Penguin?

Google Panda and Penguin are updates to Google’s search results ranking algorithm. Updates from Panda are basically filters designed to target thin, duplicate, and low-quality content while Penguin updates target link spam, such as over-optimization of anchor text, farms, and paid links.

How Are Websites Penalized?


Google Panda has website-wide penalties. That means that if enough pages on the website are found to be poor quality, the entire website will be subjected to Panda’s penalty.

If you have been hit by Panda, you may notice:

• Long tail keyword traffic loss
• Major traffic decrease
• Extended ranking fluctuations
• Ranking decrease for specific keywords and/or exact-match domains

By improving or removing the offending content, a website may be able to avoid being penalized again once another update is implemented. It is also suggested to contact Google to have the ranking restored once the website’s content has been fixed.

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Google Penguin also affects your website ranking depending on the quality of your links. If your links seem unnatural or manipulated, you may suffer a Penguin penalty and lose the ranking for your keyword(s). Because of this, Penguin is often referred to as an “over-optimization penalty.”

If you have been hit by Penguin, you may notice:

• Major traffic decrease
• Ranking decrease for specific keywords

However, it is best to keep in mind that it may not even be your website that has been directly penalized. If your website has low-quality or paid links and the sites pointing to your website have been devalued, you will naturally experience a drop in ranking.

How Can Marketers Avoid the Penalty?

To help avoid a penalty from Panda or Penguin, here are some tips:


• Remove low-quality content from your pages, including duplicate content or machine-generated content
• Focus on creating unique and relevant content that reads well for your audience and not necessarily for SEO
• Become a trusted authority figure in your niche and include your real contact information on your contact pages
• Avoid placing too many ads on your websites
• Avoid stuffing your pages with affiliate links


• Avoid keyword stuffing the internal/outbound links
• Do not overuse exact-match domains
• Do not become too aggressive with exact-match anchor text
• Vary the anchor text
• Get relevant, high-quality links and remove any offending links

When looking to succeed with online marketing, it is essential to keep track of the updates and do your best to provide real value to your audience. By learning about how Google Panda and Penguin affect your website and search rankings, you can avoid being penalized and continue to achieve success.

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