The Purpose Of Getting Ranked On Google

The Purpose Of Getting Ranked On Google

Getting Ranked On Google ~

A spot on the first page of Google has become the Holy Grail for a vast majority of webpage owners. But in consideration of the millions of websites on the internet space, this dream and quest is far from realized. To rank of the first page of Google requires a significant investment of time, capital, efforts and resources and the creation of a compelling website that will entice users into first visiting your webpage and then keep them coming back for more. It does sound straightforward right? Well, it is easier said than done. Capturing a spot on the much desired page is a task in itself and often requires months, if not years of hard work and fine tuning.

If that is a time period that you can ill afford to wait, then the services offered by internet marketing firms guarantee quicker propulsion up Google’s organic search results. However, do not fall for the flattery that has become a signature of most illegitimate firms that engage in unethical marketing. Any firm that ‘guarantees’ a spot on the first page of Google should be intensely scrutinised and looked at with a great deal of scepticism.

School of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a complex methodology that encompasses a wide array of techniques. If implemented properly, they will contribute significantly towards the exponential growth of your business. On the contrary, they can also lead to the downfall of your business. The path is usually determined by the selection of the specific marketing technique that will best suit your business model and your monetary sustainability.

A marketing strategy that assures you of sustained growth is Search Engine Optimization. This specific marketing strategy is the go to technique employed by almost every single Internet Marketer. The implementation of Search Engine Optimization techniques is very simple. However, to get high quality results, it is vital to understand the root of the technique that is employed. A better understanding invariably leads to creating a website that ranks higher on the search engine for specific search terms depending on the preferences of the target audience. It also includes every single aspect of your website, which includes the number of leads from other websites and the readability of your website by the search engine.

Although the implementation of this strategy is relatively straightforward, the delivery of results depends on the quality of your website and also the effort that you put into promoting. Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy, but it is guaranteed to deliver results as your website increases in popularity and rises up in the search engine rankings.
Search Engine Optimization requires no external influence from advertisements and promotions to increase your rank amongst the organic search results. As such, it is the cheapest way to gain visitors to your website depending on the quality of your content. The more visitors to your websites will lead to a higher the rank of your websites on the search engine. However, to attract visitors, it is necessary to do some promotions on other popular websites that offer similar services to your website. The editing of your website content into SEO friendly content will lead to a faster than normal rise of your website in the organic search results. Additionally, working on the layout and color schemes of your webpage has been statistically proven to increase customer retention and therefore should be looked into.

The implementation of black hat SEO techniques is despised and easily detectable by Google’s WebCrawler. Through the employment of keyword stuffing, cloaking and similar illicit techniques, you will only be harming your reputation in the virtual space. In the worst case scenario, your domain is blacklisted and your avenue for a potential source of income is completely extinguished.

Getting ranked on the first page is no mean feat as evidenced by the innumerable professional services offering internet marketing service. However, if you are a do-it-yourself person, then, Search Engine Optimization provides a significantly cheaper avenue to growth compared to the other techniques. However, to achieve the desired growth and ranking requires a great deal of patience and hard work. With the right combination of promotion and optimization, it is possible to improve website visibility and enticement for potential visitors, which will ultimately help you attain the Holy Grail of top spot in Google’s organic search results.

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