How To Get Email Addresses From Visitors And Increase Conversion Rate
How To Get Email Addresses From Visitors And Increase Conversion Rate

How To Get Email Addresses From Visitors And Increase Conversion Rate

You’ve worked hard on your blog and learned how to carefully create content that caters to your visitor’s wants and needs.

You’ve planned and targeted your advertising so that you have the best reach possible, and now your blog is getting a ton of traffic.

Despite all of that great blog traffic, nobody is buying your products.

What happened?

How do you convert blog visitors into followers and buyers?

Content May be King, but Information is Supreme

Think about your own web surfing habits.

How many websites does Google bring up when you are searching for a topic? You could be looking at tens of thousands to millions of individual websites. Each one of them tends to blur into the other, after a while.

How do you make sure that you are seen and remembered by your visitors? And, more importantly, how do you turn them into potential customers?

Successful online business owners know that being aware of who visits their website is where the money can be found. If you know who is visiting you and taking advantage of the info found on your blog, you can create products and offers that are tailored to them and their needs.

If you don’t know who your visitors are, you are leaving money on the table.

You need to collect email addresses from them.

This is where you need a traffic game plan.

Why do you spend time and money trying to get people to visit your website?

You drive traffic to your website to find new customers and followers.
There is no point in driving traffic to your website, if you don’t have a way to make sure they will come back.

Here’s the truth:

If you are spending time driving traffic to your blog, without having a clear plan to collect email addresses, you are wasting time and losing money.

When a visitor lands on your blog, what do you want them to do?

Do you tell them?

Most people will gladly do as you ask, but they have to know what you want first. They are blog readers, not mind readers.

You want their information, specifically their email address. The email address is key. Name and email is even better, but without the email the name is useless.

You want them to tell you how to get in touch with them, so that they can be first to hear about your new blog posts, webinars, and special deals.

Marketers spend millions every year trying to gather this data, so that they can make sales projections and advertising campaigns. It can be very expensive to get this information, but incredibly worthwhile.

We’ll tell you how to get it for free.

The Traffic Game Plan

Get Their Email Before They Leave Your Site!

That is your whole game plan, right there. You want to learn how to get email addresses for every person who visits your blog.

Here’s why:

• It’s easier to contact them when you have something valuable to offer. Instead of having to purchase ad space or post anywhere and everywhere, you have an interested list of people who want to hear from you. They have specifically said that you CAN send them updates, sales and special events.

• It builds trust. As you send specially curated information and offers to your list, they will begin to trust you and the items you recommend. They will become customers and recommend you and your products to their family, friends and co-workers.

• It builds your business. If you want to make money online, you need to create a laser-focused list. The larger your list, the more people that you can sell to.

A large email list also provides gravitas to your business and makes you more appealing for connecting with other businesses. It will provide you with more opportunities for promotion to other people’s lists and ultimately grow your business.

But in order to do that, you’ll have to have a traffic game plan that navigates your visitors to a page where they can give you their email address.

Why is it so important to get email addresses in addition to social media followers?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great for gaining and growing your audience and for getting traffic. It’s just as important to have those followers, for social proof of your success and popularity, but an email address gives you a targeted way to reach them with special offers and items that need quick action.

You are also able to contact your email list anytime you wish, and can be certain that it won’t be lost in the social media chatter.

But how do I get email addresses from casual visitors?

Sounds too easy, right?

How do you convince people to give you their email address? Most people only give them out if absolutely necessary, since they don’t want their inbox to be flooded with spam and emails about things they don’t care about.

First and foremost, tell them exactly how you will use the information. If you will send them weekly emails and special announcements, tell them. If you will send things out daily, and lend your list to others, you must let them know that as well.

Surprise spam after signing up for an email list is a trust killer. It’s made me unsubscribe from people who were offering good information, but couldn’t trust them to do what they said they were going to do.

If they can’t trust you with their email address, how can they trust you with their money?

Once you have determined and stated how you will use their information, then you can sweeten the pot with a special offer.

Here is how to get email addresses:

• Offer a free gift in exchange for signing up for your email list. You can learn how to set up killer lead gen forms or use a pop-up on your website. Keep in mind that there are many different items that you can offer as a freebie.

However, you need to make sure that the item has a real value to your visitor. If they see how you can help them, they are more likely to reach out to you when it’s time to make a purchase. Here are a few popular items:

• A special report or whitepaper on a certain segment of your business, such as “The Top 5 Ways That >blank< Do Wrong…” Keep the title pithy and intriguing, and make sure that the report offers real, solid information and is not just a sales pitch. • A video lecture of you teaching on your subject. Make the video short and informative.

• An interview with a top expert in your field. If you are writing blogs, you are most likely interviewing people for content. Record both audio and video, and repurpose them as bonuses and gifts.

• A download that will help your visitor do their business. A slide template, images that they can use, or recipes are just a few items that could be offered.

• Access to an online resource. Setting up a private Facebook group or membership site that offers information and fellowship is a great gift. Just keep it truly helpful and draw people to you through your great advice and information.

• Run a Contest. Tools like Contest Domination make it easy to run contests and share content with your audience and their friends. With the right prize, you can build excitement around your brand and build your list quickly and easily.

Announcing the winner during a live webinar or Google Hangout guarantees you an audience and further establishes you as an expert in your field. You can lead people to your landing page, where they can sign up for your free gift and mailing list.

• Do a Joint Venture. Joint venture webinars and promotions are great ways to introduce yourself and your brand to other lists. There are countless resources on JV’s, but basically you build relationships with other businesses, and you both agree to send an email to your lists, introducing the other person and their products.

This is another area where having a large list is a must. It makes you a far more attractive partner to potential joint ventures. This is for businesses that are further along.

The most important part is to make sure you are using a process that fits your brand and your customer. Remember, whatever you choose to offer your visitor, you must make it easy for them to understand the offer and to take advantage of it, speak to their needs.

A confused visitor will not opt-in and they will not buy from you.
You must tell them where to go and what to do.

And for that, you need a landing page.

Want to learn more about creating your traffic game plan, landing pages and get access to special tools to help you build traffic and increase sales using your blog?

Check out this informative video that blows it wide open.

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  1. Great tips, Ivan! I’m just getting started blogging and building traffic through social media. I’ll need these tips as I build my subscriber list and monetize.

  2. This is excellent advice for beginning bloggers. I left a comment on your blog, Ivan!

  3. Thanks Jennifer – I really appreciate that!

  4. Hi Ashley – sounds like you are on the right path:) Do you use an autoresponder?

  5. Excellent advice, Ivan. Lots of gems here that I need to learn to use.

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