Blog Traffic: How To Generate A Boat Load Of Traffic To Your Blog
Blog Traffic: How To Generate A Boat Load Of Traffic To Your Blog

Blog Traffic: How To Generate A Boat Load Of Traffic To Your Blog

Blog Traffic ~ If you want to rank well and make the best profit, having plenty of traffic is key. However, it can be difficult to get the traffic you need, and especially if you have plenty of competition. Fortunately, here are some tips on how to generate a boat load of traffic when you start your own blog:

Create Quality Content

I am a very firm believer in providing quality content for your audience. If you wouldn’t recommend a piece to your own friends and family, then don’t bother putting it up on your blog. With Google putting more and more emphasis on content quality, you need to have it in order to rank well.

When providing content, keep the following in mind:

• Only make posts related to your blog and its featured topic(s)
• Avoid keyword stuffing
• Share only the best content from other sources as well
• Don’t be afraid to share personal stories as long as they are still relevant

If you want to make your blog really interesting, don’t forget to mix up the formats. For example, your blog can include:

• Written posts
• Videos (I would highly recommend using YouTube since it’s a Google venture)
• Podcasts
• Infographics (traditional, interactive, and animated)
• Images

Use the Right Keywords

Even if your blog has excellent content, it may fall flat on its face if you don’t use the right keywords to drive traffic. To find the best keywords, especially those with buying power, you can use the following tools:

• Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
• Google Adwords Keyword Tool
• Google Webmaster Tools
• Google Analytics
• Keyword Discovery
• WordTracker

Once you have the keywords, you will also be able to determine how fierce the competition is for your niche. Even if the competition is exceptionally fierce, you can still get plenty of traffic if you narrow your focus and select a single topic.

Do Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for authority sites is definitely a great way to generate a boat load of traffic for your blog. By creating guest posts, you will:

• Rank better in Google
• Create stronger professional relationships
• Reach new audiences
• Build credibility

When creating guest posts for different sites, you need to do the appropriate research first. It is definitely a must to find the authority sites for your niche and build a relationship between niche experts or webmasters. By doing so, it will be easier to get people to share a link to your blog.

No matter what, always remember to share quality content when guest posting. If you provide low quality content, you will not only harm your own reputation but the reputation of those that share your link.

Network With Niche Experts

Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there when working as an Internet marketer. I know this can be tough and that we all feel shy sometimes, but get over it. Whenever possible, you should take the chance to network with niche experts. Not only will you build great relationships, but you will also learn tips and tricks that you never would’ve known otherwise.

Additionally, networking with niche experts can help drive traffic to your blog if they promote your blog. Aside from guest posting, you can also be featured in resource sections or even through email lists. In fact, if you can leverage an authority site’s email list, you could very well experience a boost beyond your wildest dreams.

Use Social Media

Social media is the greatest way of boosting traffic to all sorts of different platforms. Because of this, it is essential that you add social media sharing options on each of your posts. By doing so, you will make it so much easier for people to share your work.

You should also have an active presence on the following social media networks:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Google+
• YouTube

I would also highly recommend Pinterest and Tumblr for your marketing campaign.

When using social media, don’t forget to initiate two-way conversations with your audience. If you make everything all about you, the audience will not be pleased. Instead, really work on making them feel good about themselves by acknowledging them and providing real solutions to their problems.

With these tips on how to generate a boat load of traffic when you start your own blog, you should better be able to find just the right audience to make your dreams come true.

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  1. Excellent post, No doubt using a right keyword on right place can attract a huge organic traffic.

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