Why Google Adsense WON’T Make You Much Money !

Why Google Adsense WON’T Make You Much Money !

Now before you think I’m just a pure Google Adsense hater, I’m really not … I just simply want to shed some light on why most bloggers are unable to create a large revenue stream with Google Adsense or any other advertising companies that offer interactive media advertisements.

Here’s The Reason Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Much money Employing Google Adsense…

The majority of blog owners follow a simple formula that is based on how the periodical or media industries, (magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc), traditionally operate; they try to get as many readers, listeners, clients and customers as possible.  Then they try to find companies who want to purchase advertising, and that’s when they rake in the BIG profits.

The formula works well, but the key to its success is related to the size of the audience – the more people reading, watching or listening to your media, the more potential customers are available to purchase your advertiser’s services or products.  And the more popular your website, magazine, newspaper, TV show, or radio show is, the more money you can charge to your advertisers.

That’s the very reason why this formula doesn´t always work well in the blogging world. Sure, the HUGE BLOGGERS like Huffington Post, The Verge, or Business Insider can play the game in the traditional way, because they have MILLIONS of readers, and therefore, MILLIONS of page clicks and opportunities to sell ads. And they have access to an ENORMOUS QUANTITY OF CONTENT which is needed to process all the information, news, updates, etc. necessary to keep their readership up, and their blogs current.

How many readers visit your site in a daily basis?  How often do you publish new content?


 If it hasn’t already occurred to you as you’ve been reading this article…an individual blogger would be insane to try to accomplish this kind of undertaking. Sure, maybe in the past it was possible, but the public’s expectations have changed over the years. Readers want the content faster than you could ever deliver on a daily basis. And even if you could do it…it would mean that you would be chained to your computer desk for 24 hours a day as you tried to churn out one blog post after the other.

What kind of a life is that?

Better to leave this formula to the big guys who have the money to employ professional writers and editors.

The way that many small bloggers think is the best model to make money is by filling up their pages with display ads and Google Adsense.


It’s a tempting monetization option, the idea of earning some passive income that seems to come your way with very little effort appeals to a lot of bloggers.

But what you’re not noticing when you choose to work within the constraints of the advertising model is that it has an intrinsic flaw: its very purpose is to encourage your traffic to LEAVE your blog in pursuit of another interest or products.

Why is this a problem?

Well, when you take a moment to analyze the situation you will remember that in order to make money, you need to keep your traffic at a HIGH LEVEL of volume.

Think about it: you’ve spent a lot of your personal time and money to get people to visit your blog. Now you’re opening a door to let them spend their cash on other products and services that AREN’T YOURS?

How does that make any sense?

Have you ever considered how many visitors you will need PER DAY to be able to make a comfortable living from advertising income only?

You might be shocked to learn that you would need a MINIMUM of 3,000 visitors per day in the majority of business sectors, and in some business sectors even 5,000 wouldn’t be sufficient.

And most of the average blogs receives less than 1,000 visitors on a daily basis?

Hopefully now you are beginning to really understand that Google Adsense might not be the best way to make an income from your blog.

Sell More To Less !

There is a way a small blog can have great financial success with as little as 100-200 visitors a day.  How is it possible?

You follow a model that is opposite to what the advertising model is doing!

Simply put: Sell your own products and services, and by doing so, you keep your visitors and the profits for yourself. This allows you to increase your sales conversion rate with a much smaller level of traffic.

Typical Companies Know This Secret

The best way to make money online is to sell multiple products to EXISTING customers over the course of time. You have a captive audience each time a new visitor stops onto your blog page. KEEP THEM AROUND by offering a product and services that they are showing an interest in!

And offer other similar products after they’ve made a purchase.

I’m sure you want to help your readers by offering free useful information on your blog, information that you have spent your entire day working on, but isn’t the real purpose of your hard work TO MAKE SOME MONEY?

A low traffic blog can still make a lot of money by selling products and services to existing visitors/customers. What you need to focus on is understanding the needs of your audience and create your own products and services that caters to those specific needs.

So my advice is to switch your monetizing methods on your blog by selling your own products as your primary source of income. You can still employ Google Adsense, just don’t rely on them to make you a ton of cash.

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  1. I think the main issue is that AdSense is going through a typical product cycle. There are so many sites with it now, so many applicants, advertisers and AdSense can afford to pay very low for clicks and impressions, on top of being very selective on who to use. Personally I think the whole blogging with AdSense model would become completely ineffective soon.

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