Why You Need Facebook As Part of Your Online Social Campaign
Why You Need Facebook As Part of Your Online Social Campaign

Why You Need Facebook As Part of Your Online Social Campaign

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Many marketers know by now that having a strong presence on various social media platforms is the way to go. By implementing a successful social media campaign, a business can experience an increase in profit. However, if you are one of the very few not using social media platforms in your business, here are 9 reasons why you need Facebook as part of your online social campaign:

1. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform.

With over 1.06 billion active users, it is the largest social media platform to date. For anyone undergoing an online marketing campaign, it is a must to brand yourself using this platform. Since it is believed that 80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook, it would be foolish to do without.

2. With the purchase of Instagram, the platform has become a mobile company.

Because of the need to be mobile to keep up with the competition, Instragram (a mobile app company) was purchased in 2012 for a staggering $1 billion. Because of the fact that mobile advertising now makes up 23% of advertising revenue, ensuring that the platform can be successfully used on handheld devices is a plus for many businesses.

3. The platform can be used to nurture the relationship between you and your audience.

If you have a Facebook for your business, it is crucial to nurture the relationship with your audience. By proving that you are there for them, you will create a loyal audience that may become loyal customers. If you truly treat your audience well, you may even create brand advocates that will spread the word that you are the one to go to.

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4.There are various content formats available.

Using this platform, you can easily post:

• Infographics
• Videos
• Audio clips
• Photos

You can also easily link Facebook posts back to posts on a company website or other social media platforms to help generate more traffic.

5. Alerts can be set up to identify certain keywords that show up on your page.

To help deal with potential problems right away, you can set up alerts for certain keywords. Once any of the keywords appear on your page, you will be notified immediately. This handy feature can be used to address customer complaints right away if you set up alerts for such words as “angry” or “upset.” By being notified immediately, you will be able to stop negativity from spreading.

Additionally, you may also want to set up an alert for the word “question.” Although the alert for “question” can be helpful, it is crucial to still manually check your pages since the word may not actually be used. It is also helpful to remember that typically 50% of users expect a response to a question within a day or less.

6. Facebook Offers can help attract quality leads.

Facebook Offers are a little different than traditional Facebook ads because you can create them directly from your page as opposed to an ad dashboard. Another advantage to using Facebook Offers is that they can be created for both online and offline businesses. Additionally, Facebook Offers appear in the newsfeed as opposed to side columns.

While Facebook Offers can be used in a variety of ways, they seem to work best when used to attract quality leads.

7. The “Share” option makes it easy to share relevant content with your audience.

Everyone has used the “Share” feature at some point. You can use the feature, too, in order to share content that will be of interest to your audience. Just remember to always check into exactly what you are sharing because of the content is harmful in any way, you may lose your following.

8. The “Promote” feature can make your posts reach even more people.

When promoting posts, it is typically used more to extend the reach than raising a “Like” count. When using the “Promote” feature, page owners can choose whether they want to promote just to their fans or even further to friends of fans. However, you will need to take in any additional costs for extending the reach beyond your fans into your campaign budget.

9. Graph Search Beta make it easier for users to search for content.

With Graph Search Beta, people can search through other user posts for content relevant to their interests. For someone looking to use Facebook in a social media campaign, Graph Search Beta can make it easier to get your products and services known.

As you can see, there are clearly many advantages for having Facebook strategies as part of your online social campaign. By incorporating its use into your social media marketing plan, you could potentially become one step closer to success. If you want to learn some more simple strategies to explode Facebook to create traffic and leads click here.

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