Facebook Marketing ~ How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook

Facebook Marketing ~ How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook

Facebook Marketing ~

Facebook has over 1.6 billion accounts and millions of people are on the website everyday.

Similar to a blog, the social media platform allows you to have a continuous relationship with your customers.

Let’s break Facebook down into specific components and discuss them to make it easier to understand.


Content is the most important thing you have to offer on any social media site or project you run. The more original content you can produce, the easier it is to catch your customer’s attention and keep them coming back.

A lot of people only post promotional content on their business pages. You can put numerous forms of content on your page, including videos, graphics, photos, audio clips, links to podcasts, or anything else you find on the Internet.

If you are running a landscaping business, you might not be good at self-promotion so you put a picture on your page and some contact information and you make a status update once in a while.

There’s a lot more you can do to take your game up a notch. Say you just finished an impressive lawn. Take pictures of the project and post them on your page. Ask people what they think of the lawn and tell them to comment.

It is important to maintain professionalism on your page, but people will get bored if it’s all business. Use creativity and create interaction by including a call to action in every status update.

People like to read posts that are short, funny, light, and current or have some banter. You will be able to build a brand that people enjoy and look forward to sharing with friends and family.

You can use Facebook to leverage your other social media platforms. Your own blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and LinkedIn can all be used to promote your Facebook page.

Look for apps and other tools that will make it easy for you to integrate all of your social media together. The more connections they make, the more traffic they will deliver to your business and the further your reach will extend.

A quick way to get your followers interacting on your page is to ask for their help. They can help you reach a goal for free if you ask. For example, if your page is 200 likes away from 1,000 likes and you ask them to help your page get there, you will increase your advertising and do self-promotion at the same time.

It works even better if you give them an incentive. A friend of mine used the incentive that he would make a video of himself running around naked in the snow if they reached 1,000 likes in less than 24 hours. It worked, and the video is still on YouTube. The point here is to be creative and get people involved.


A key aspect of social media is that the public gets a huge say in what information and promotions show up on pages. You can set up alerts on Facebook so that whenever a certain word is posted on your page, you will be notified immediately.

This is useful if you are trying to weed out words like disappointed, or angry. Remember, every complaint is an opportunity to prove your detractors wrong and keep a dialogue with your fans that will increase customer loyalty and maintain your credibility.

You need to take advantage of the share feature. Facebook updates frequently and feeds are updated faster than you can post. When you click the share button, your post shows up for everyone who is connected to your page to see.

There is also a promote feature…

You can choose whom your post is shown to, friends only, or all friends. Choosing friends will help you spread the word and make promotions go viral.

There are additional costs when using this feature, so make sure you learn all about how it works so that you don’t put a hole in your wallet.

There is a new feature called graph search that I am looking into. It is still in beta testing right now, however, I think it will open up a lot of possibilities.

It will allow you to search through other people’s posts to find content that they might interested in. If you are using Facebook, then graph search is something to look into.

I’ll keep you posted on news about this feature.

Facebook Ads

Let’s start with designing effective ads that get clicked. There are four things that effect how good an ad will perform, relevance, headline, thumbnail and a good call-to-action.

Relevance is very important. Is your ad in front of people who are looking for your offer?

Understanding who and where your audience is located, is vital to how well your ads will perform. Find out the age, gender, and status of your ideal customer and where they are located, then Facebook will give you the tools to push your ad towards the people you want seeing your ad.

To do this, place your main business keyword inside your Google search box, click search and find a couple of blogs ranking in the first two pages of Google. Copy the URL and go to Quantcast.com.

Paste the URL in the Quantcast search box and you will find information about your audience. After you get your Quantcast information, go to Google Trends and paste the same URL there. Now you will find more information on your niche and the demographics of your audience.

Next, you need an attention grabbing headline and thumbnail that makes people stop whatever they’re doing and click your ad. A beautiful girl always gets clicks. A trick that more and more people are using is to add a red border around the ad image to make it stand out.

The call-to-action is the thing that makes your customer click on your ad. It’s what urges your potential customers to take action. “Click Here” and “Click Now”, are words that get people to click. Use creativity in your call-to-action and get people to click.

To find out if you have created a good ad, you have to test it. Run multiple ads with different thumbnails and headlines and mix up your calls-to-action.

Begin with CPC and watch your ads to find out which ones are doing well. Once you know which ads are working, switch to CPM. Start your bids out at $0.10. If you don’t get traffic, increase your bids.

Another tip for ads is to run your ads for three or four days and pause them for a week and then restart them. This will keep them fresh and prevent people from getting tired of them.

If you want to learn some more simple strategies to explode Facebook to create traffic and leads click here.

Your Turn

What are you Facebook strategies ? Leave me a comment of question below…

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