Tips And Strategies On Doing Keyword Research

Tips And Strategies On Doing Keyword Research

How To Do Proper Keyword Research And Optimize Your Article …

If you own a website, a blog or a small internet business, you might have experienced difficulties in getting noticed and garnering unique visitors. While it may be a tad bit frustrating at first, patience and keyword research are essential tools towards realizing the ultimate target of first developing a customer base. Once this is established, instilling a sense of curiosity in them will keep them coming back for more. Simple as it may sound, it is effectively far from it.

As has been evidenced in recent times, the importance of keywords and their utilization in web pages is an undeniable marketing technique implemented by a vast majority of firms specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research forms an integral component of their SEO operations. It encompasses everything from market research to content creation, copyediting the content to appeal to the target audience and the placement of relevant keywords in the correct locations to be rightly identified by the complex algorithms implemented by Google’s search engine. Sound too tedious and complicated?

Well, if you are to realize the potential of your online resource, these steps have to be undertaken irrespective of their arduous nature. Not only will they aid you in garnering more visitors, but, if the cards are played right, you could be looking at creating a steady source of passive income. If you are of the opinion that your online content is well worth the time of the customer and should be accessed by millions of internet users, then it is up to you credit your work with the attention that it duly deserves.

Before you actually delve into creating unique and relevant content for your website, it is vitally important to cater to the needs of your target audience and have a good grasp of their tastes and preferences. With the multitude of online research tools available on the internet for free, this task becomes much more simplified. Google Trends is one such tool that has garnered international recognition for its versatility and accuracy in predicting economic preferences. There have been instances of small business owners successfully utilizing Google Trends to create relevant content and providing a euphoric appeal to its target audience. Most modern internet marketing firms are prime examples of such success stories.

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*First things first: Keyword Research

What most webpage owners fail to realize is that when a search engine’s web crawler algorithm analyzes your website or domain, keywords are the first aspect that they look out for. With so much importance being placed on keywords, it is no surprise that keyword research is the most sought after service that is offered by SEO marketing firms.
When picking a keyword, it is essential to choose one that has low competition. This will allow your webpage to be ranked higher in the search engine’s organic results. Picking a keyword such as ‘free music’ that is one of the most sought after keywords in the entire internet space will not help in any manner. Similarly, implementing a keyword is hardly searched for, isn’t beneficial either. This is when marketing research tools such as the aforementioned Google Trends come into play.

By gaining a good grasp of the popularity of keywords and then listing them according to popularity is the easiest and most efficient technique to settle on a keyword. This research plays an integral part in determining the subsequent success of your webpage. Therefore, it is essential that your keyword research is deeply thought out and highly researched.

Next, optimize your article with the keyword

Now that you have gained a good understanding of what customers in your target niche are searching for, it is time to update or create content that is relevant and incorporates the keyword. Although this task seems sufficiently easy, incorporating keywords often needs to comply with the context of the content. At times, it becomes pretty obvious when a keyword has been forcefully implemented. And trust me; Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to differentiate between natural content creation and one that has been forced into existence.

It is therefore advisable to follow the systematic procedure of conducting the keyword research first and subsequently creating the relevant content. This would greatly simplify the task of providing natural and relevant content. In retrospect, customers are more interested in organic content as compared to one whose existence is solely warranted for the purpose of search engine classification.

One pitfall that needs to be avoided is keyword stuffing. It is a recognized black hat SEO technique implemented by SEO firms that engage in over-marketing and unethical internet marketing. If you feel that the entire essence of the article would be compromised by eliminating or reducing the keyword, Google Trends or Google Ad words provides solutions to overcome the impending problem.

What use is it to undertake all the aforementioned steps and not place the keywords in the section that matters most? The title is the premier component of the article that the WebCrawler analyzes for importance and relevance. If the keyword is missing from this important piece of text, all the hard work undertaken by you would have been to no avail. An oft overlooked tip is that when phrasing the title, it is essential to make your keyword the essence of the title. For example, instead of phrasing your title as “5 strategies for Keyword Research”, it is advisable and much more efficient to phrase it as, “Keyword Research: 5 relevant strategies”.

Keyword Research and optimization of content with a strong relevance being placed on the keywords is an arduous yet sure shot technique towards creeping up Google’s search ranking. Slowly but surely you will reap the dividends of your hard work and get the attention that you and your website duly deserve.

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