The Best Times To Post Your Content

The Best Times To Post Your Content

This week I ran across a fascinating study by TrackMaven, a content marketing firm.

Blogging is a form of content marketing, so obviously this was of great interest to me.

There’s a lot in this report, but there’s one thing that stood out that I want to talk to you about this week.

I want to talk about when you should post your blog. This is very important for maximum visibility! You’ve spent all that time building your blog, perhaps along my Profit Blogging Blueprint method. It’s time to get some exposure.

The fatal flaw

The study looked at over 4500 blogs and found some very interesting data. Any piece of marketing content, like a post, has three goals:

1. Provide value through the content
2. Direct the reader to a next step
3. Be shared as much as possible

It is that last one that we’re looking at. See, when people start thinking of blogs as businesses, many of them slip into posting sometime on the weekdays. After all, if your blog is a business who wants to work on the weekends right?

The data showed something fascinating. Take a look at this.

Post Frequency vs Social Shares by Day of Week

The green bar is the percentage of blogs that posted on any particular weekday. The blue bar is how many shares those posts got. Roughly 13% of all posts go up on the weekends, but they get just shy of 35% of the shares!

This shows that weekends are a far better posting time for blogs than weekdays. Try shifting some of your posts to go live on the weekends and see if you get a jump in shares.

What is happening here?

The data proved that content consumption patterns do not match the standard business day. There are definite windows, much like television, where content consumption will increase during the week. Let’s take a look at another chart from the study:

Post Frequency vs Social Shares by Time of Day

The top chart shows the number of posts that go live at a particular time of day. It’s pretty much a bell curve with a little spike at midnight. That’s from people who don’t configure their posts to pop at a particular time.
The bottom graph is social shares. Look at the differences:

• The work day is practically dead except at the very start of the day between 8-9 AM.
• Early risers will sometimes browse at 4-5 AM before heading to work.
• Shares start to spike during the commute home
• Around 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM is the sweet spot for sharing
• There is another small spike for the late readers who have gotten used to people who don’t configure their blogs right and post at midnight.

Again, consumption patterns are not matching standard work hours, yet bloggers are posting the most during work times. There could be a significant boost in the amount of shares if you use your scheduling feature to have posts go live in the sweet spots.

Virality and Posting Times

If you’ve gotten your blog set up right, like if you followed my free video on maximizing traffic and conversions, the work then shifts to making excellent content pieces. We want our content to go viral for maximum reach.

The quality of the content you produce will be the biggest factor in virality, but here’s the TL;DR version for posting times in your blog:

• Post at least one piece of content weekly on one of the weekend days, preferably Saturday. Post your second one between Tuesday and Thursday. If the post is very time-sensitive, ignore this.

• Have that post go live just after the work day ends or at 3 in the morning. This will give posts enough time to spread among your core viewership so that when the larger spikes come there will be more spread.

One last weird tip. Putting a question mark in the title of your blog increased sharing massively. The five percent of blog titles that included a single (important) question mark saw 46% social sharing, compared to around 23% for those without.

Your Turn

How will you use this knowledge in your own blog? Do you currently use posting times for maximum reach? Let me know in the comments your strategies for blog post timing.


  1. I try to post to my blog during the week and on the weekend. Basically I post as often as I can. Being disabled I have to do as much as I can when I can. I haven’t figured out how to put posts on an automatic schedule.
    Thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated.

    • Hi Liz,

      The most important thing is to post consistently so that your audience knows when they can be expecting new content. If your using WordPress you can write your posts before hand and set a date to have it published in the future. Sometimes I will sit down and write 4 or 5 blog post and schedule it for that month.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    as you said, the most important thing to do is posting consistently. However, I have yet still to manage this. 😉

    Nevertheless I discovered a great WordPress plugin that helps scheduling posts much better than the WordPress scheduleing feature, as it offers a calendar view where you easily can drag and drop your posts to certain dates. It is called Editorial Calendar and available for free in the WordPress plugin directory.

    With this plugin and the knowledge from your research, posting ate the best times shouldn’t be a problem anymore.


  3. Hey thanks for the tip. I am following you and soon will be using your services.

  4. Yes….I tried all your concerns over blogging..its truly working for my blog.

  5. This is interesting, and contradicts everything else I’ve read. I currently schedule my posts for 9 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. According to this, I should be doing something like 5 p.m. Wednesdays and noon Saturdays.

    • Those have been the stats we found to be most productive, however I do advise everyone to me mindful and do their own testing for their own niche.

  6. Posting consistently in your blog really helps in boosting traffic to the site and attracting visitors. That’s why whenever I am free I often write 2-3 blog posts so that my blog posting will not be compromised whenever I am busy. Scheduling posts is really a great help to me. And thank you for sharing this one. It will help me improve my content marketing based on the results studies. I’ve been practicing the weekend scheduled posting but haven’t tried the morning posting. I’ll try posting in that time frame. I think it will also help that once you get to choose your scheduled posting, you need to do it consistently so that visitors will know when they can come back to your site.

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